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08.10.2019 (13:42)

Nothern Fleet auxiliary vessels call at Cyprus Limassol

Today, the sea tanker Vyazma and the rescue tug SB-406, providing long-range cruise of the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser in the Mediterranean, made a business call at the port of Limassol of the Republic of Cyprus to replenish fresh water, fuel and food supplies, as well as carry out scheduled work on the material part.

Ships will stay in the port for several days.  During the long voyage this is their second visit to Cyprus. .

Upon completion of a business call to Limassol, Northern Fleet auxiliary vessels will continue to operate in the Mediterranean Sea.

The sea tanker Vyazma and the rescue tug SB-406 entered the Mediterranean Sea through the Strait of Gibraltar with the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov on August 22. They provide the long voyage of the cruiser from the moment it left Severomorsk to the Main Naval Parade on July 3. During this period, crews of support vessels, together with warships, successfully completed the tasks of the Navy’s Ocean Shield 2019 exercise, as well as a number of other exercises in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, and made business calls to Egypt, Greece and Cyprus.

During the trip the ship traveled about 16,000 nautical miles.

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