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06.11.2019 (14:11)

Missile cruiser closes on Null Island in the Atlantic ocean

The missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov", performing the tasks of a long-range campaign in the Atlantic ocean, passed through the so-called "golden" geographical point of the Earth, where the prime meridian and the equator cross.

In honour of this event, the crew held the Line-crossing ceremony. According to the ancient maritime tradition, outboard water pouring on a heliport deck was organized for crew members. Each of the sailors was issued a personal certificate of the equator crossing at the point from which the Earth coordinates begin to count.

The temperature of seawater and air near the equator is more than 22 and 27 Celsius degree, respectively.

In the near future, the missile cruiser will continue its missions in the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean). The long campaign plan provides for a business call at the port of one of the States on the West coast of Africa.

For reference:

The ship left Severomorsk main base of the Northern Fleet on July 3 to participate in the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg. After the parade, its crew took part in Ocean Shield 2019 Navy training. For two months, the ship operated in the Mediterranean Sea, where it conducted a series of exercises, visited Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

Since leaving the base, it has covered about 23,000 nautical miles.

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