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08.11.2019 (16:20)

Northern Fleet's missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov sails to Equatorial Guinea

The missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov, the Northern Fleet, being on cruise in the Central Atlantic, has made a call at the port of Malabo - capital of Equatorial Guinea.

Parking of the Russian cruiser in the port located on the island of Bioko in the Gulf of Guinea, will last several days. During this time, the Russian sailors will replenish food supplies and make excursions to the sights of the city. A number of protocol meetings of the senior on a campaign and the commander of the cruiser with official representatives of the host party are also planned.

Earlier, the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser passed through the so-called “golden” geographical point of the Earth, where the equator intersects the zero meridian.

After completing a business call, the cruiser will meet with a detachment of auxiliary vessels - the Vyazma tanker and the rescue tug SB-406, which in early November completed a business call at the port of Praya of the Republic of Cape Verde.

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