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02.12.2019 (11:33)

About 80 exercises to be held at different levels in the Eastern MD in Buryatia next year

In 2020 the Eastern MD combined arms formation, stationed in the Republic of Buryatia, will hold about 80 tactical exercises at different levels, more than half of them will be held bilaterally. In addition, about 1,000 live-fire drills from small arms and armament of combat vehicles were planned at the Eastern MD training grounds in Buryatia.

In the second half of the year special attention will be paid to the preparation for the inspection of the Eastern MD combined arms formation by the central command and control bodies of the Russian Armed Forces, with the redeployment of some units to unfamiliar training grounds.

In the second half of next year the Eastern MD servicemen will take part in the Selenga 2020 Russian-Mongolian exercise. The exercise will traditionally have anti-terrorist purposes.

Eastern Military District
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