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11.02.2020 (13:30)

The Russian Defence Minister opened an operational mobilization gathering with the leadership of the Armed Forces

Today in Moscow, under the leadership of Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, an annual operational mobilization gathering with the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has begun.

The event, which traditionally opened in the leading military schools of the country — the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, attracted the leadership of: the Main Types of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Armed Forces branch commanders, Military Districts, the Northern Fleet, the heads of Central bodies of military command, formation commanders and chiefs of staff. The next two days of classes will be held in the Southern Military District.

Opening the meeting, the head of the military Department noted that a lot has been done in recent years to improve the combat capabilities of the Armed Forces.

"We are rapidly equipping the troops with ground-based, air-based and sea-based high-precision long-range weapons. The number of its carriers has increased more than 12 times since 2012, and the number of high — precision cruise missiles has increased by 30 times. The time for preparing flight tasks has been reduced from one and a half months to three hours, " the Defence Minister said.

Sergei Shoigu recalled that the troops began to receive modern military equipment created on the basis of digital technologies and with elements of artificial intelligence, and weapons systems based on new physical principles are already on combat duty.

"In the process of combat training, the personnel actively absorbs robotic systems and unmanned aerial vehicles, the use of which increases the combat capability of the troops significantly," the head of the military Department added.

The Defence Minister said that in 2019 alone, the Armed Forces have been supplemented with more than 6.5 thousand units of new and modernized weapons. In total, by the end of the year, in accordance with the May decree of the President of Russia, the share of modern weapons in the troops will be more than 70% and will continue to be maintained at this level.

Sergey Shoigu also noted that today almost every military formation and military unit, all military educational institutions have new digital telecommunications equipment. In total, more than 1.2 thousand objects of the Ministry of Defence are equipped. As a result, the characteristics and capabilities of the Armed Forces management system are improved.

He noted that during the event, participants will have to form a common understanding of modern forms of troops use in new types of wars, analyze advanced combat experience, and discuss key aspects of the construction and development of the Armed Forces.

"Much attention will be paid to improving the working methods of the military administration and organizing their interaction with local authorities. I am sure that this will allow us to better prepare for the strategic command and staff exercise "Caucasus-2020", " the head of the military Department concluded.

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