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14.02.2020 (14:54)

In Armenia, snipers of the SMD learned to destroy targets at night

At the Kamkhud range of the Russian military base in Armenia, as part of the preparation of the sniper unit for participation in the qualifying stage of the Army International Games 2020 "Sniper frontier" competition, sniper pairs and groups learned to destroy the targets of a mock enemy at night.

The soldiers trained during the day and at night with daily reshuffle of tasks, targets and the distances to them.

During the practical training, the military personnel used rangefinders, weather stations, intelligence, control and communication systems "Strelec" to work out a number of special preparatory exercises, including conducting reconnaissance and orientation at night.

The main attention at the training is paid to the camouflage, using available tools, as part of couples and groups in the preparation of escape routes.

More than 100 military snipers from small arms (sniping) and reconnaissance units of the SMD were involved in practical training for the Army Games 2020 competition.

Southern Military District , Снайперы , Армения
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