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07.05.2020 (15:46)

Ship search and strike group of the Northern Fleet conducts a planned exercise in the Barents sea

Small anti-submarine ships of the Northern Fleet "Junga", "Brest" and "Snezhnogorsk" continue to work out planned combat training activities in the Barents sea as part of the ship's search and strike group.

On the eve of May 6, anti-submarine ships left the main base of the Kola Flotilla of mixed forces – the city of Polyarny. Anti-mine support for the ship's search and strike group and deployment to the designated areas of the Barents sea was provided by the ship's minesweeping group, which included the minesweepers "Vladimir Humanenko", "Kotelnich", "Solovetsky Junga".

In the training grounds of the Northern Fleet in the Barents sea, the ship's search and strike group began conducting a test tactical exercise to search for and destroy a mock enemy submarine. This exercise is being practiced in conjunction with the Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft of the air force and air defense of the Northern Fleet.

During the sea training the sailors yet to conduct a signals training, to work out the elements of joint maneuvering of ships in the naval search and strike group, and conduct some training of emergency personnel on damage control on the move.

At the final stage of the exercise, which will last several days, anti-submarine sailors of the Northern Fleet plan to perform a number of combat training exercises, including torpedo firing.

The area of combat exercises is closed for navigation and aviation flights in advance.

At the end of the exercise, the small antisubmarine ship "Junga", "Brest" and "Snezhnogorsk" will return to the main base of the Kola Flotilla of mixed forces – the city of Polyarny.

Information Activities Office of the Northern region (Severomorsk)
Northern Fleet
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