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22.05.2020 (17:52)

The Russian Defence Ministry handed over to the FMBA a field hospital and an observation camp deployed in the village of Yeruda in the Krasnoyarsk territory

Specialists of the medical service and combat service support of the Central Military District (CMD) handed over to representatives of the Federal medical and biological Agency (FMBA) a field hospital with 100 beds and an observation camp with 2 thousand beds, which were promptly deployed in the village of Yeruda in the Severo-Yeniseysky district of the Krasnoyarsk territory.

Representatives of the two departments inspected the facilities and equipment, assessed the readiness of the material base to receive and maintain patients. In the near future, specialists of the medical service of the Central Military District and the Federal medical and biological Agency will begin to receive patients.

"Today, we are handing over to the FMBA a full field multi-specialty hospital with a capacity of 100 beds, which will significantly relieve the health system in the village of Yeruda and improve the quality of medical care for the civilian population. Everything is ready for life support, food, accommodation and treatment of patients, - said the head of the medical service of the Central Military District, Colonel of the medical service Anatoly Kalmykov. — We have an excellent intensive care unit equipped with latest ALV devices, but we hope they won't be needed for medical care.

In turn, Boris Barankin, General Director of the Federal Siberian research and clinical center, expressed gratitude to military specialists for the rapid deployment and equipping of facilities with all necessary equipment.

"Today, on behalf of the head of the FMBA Veronika Skvortsova, our combined team of more than 70 doctors and nurses arrived here to start working in a mobile field hospital, which was quickly installed by the Russian Defence Ministry units in the village of Yeruda," Boris Barankin said.

He noted that the possibility of reallocation to a military field hospital and a field observation camp for 2 thousand places will allow to disperse patients and overcome coronavirus infection in a short time.

Specialists of the Siberian Federal district institutions from Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk, Chita regions and Krasnoyarsk territory are part of the combined FMBA detachment that arrived in the village of Yeruda.

The field multi-specialty mobile hospital with 100 beds includes the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation, infectious diseases, sanitary and epidemiological, hospital, reception and sorting departments, laboratory and dental office. The hospital is equipped with modern medical and special equipment, including six ALV devices, an x-ray machine, an ultrasonic digital scanner, an oxygen filling station, equipment for washing personnel and disinfecting property.

The field observation camp for 2 thousand beds consists of 100 USB tents for up to 20 people each. Electricity is supplied to the tents to connect household appliances. Five PAK-200 mobile car kitchens based on Kamaz trucks, water disinfection and laundry points are deployed on the territory of the camp.

For reference:

In accordance with the instructions of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin a combined unit of the Ministry of Defence and special military equipment began assist in preventing the spread of coronavirus infection in the Severo-Yeniseysky District of the Krasnoyarsk region.

In total, more than 400 military personnel, including 77 doctors and junior medical specialists, and about 100 units of special military equipment have been involved in carrying out tasks in the Severo-Yeniseysky district of the Krasnoyarsk territory.

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