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30.06.2020 (11:18)

The first stage of the “Airborne platoon” competition among the Airborne troops teams with firearms and grenade launchers live firing has ended in Pskov

The first stage of the “Airborne platoon” field training competition among parachute (air assault) units has ended on the “Zavelichie” training range in the Pskov region.

The teams competed in “Platoon biathlon with firearms and grenade launchers shooting without crews” exercise.

According to the plot of the exercise, the paratroopers were to run 10 km with weapons and then conduct live firing from three lines of fire with the AK-74M assault rifle, the RPKS-74 machinegun and the RPG-7D rocket launcher in prone, kneeling and standing positions.

In a persistent and uncompromising struggle, the victory was scored by the team of the Novorossiysk guards air assault mountain large unit in the first stage, the second result was shown by paratroopers of the Ivanovo guards airborne assault large unit, the hosts of the competition became the third - the second team of Pskov paratroopers, performing on the BMD-4.

More than 12 teams consisting of 300 servicemen are taking part in the qualifying stage. The teams continue competing with each other while performing the contest exercises.

The "Airborne Platoon” qualifying stage among the airborne troops will be completed on July 7, 2020.

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