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30.06.2020 (12:33)

The third stage of the competition "Sea Cup 2020" has started on the Black Sea Fleet

The Black Sea Fleet (BSF) has started the third stage of selecting ship crews to participate in the "Sea Cup" competition in preparation for the Army International Games 2020.

During the current stage, the best surface ship crew in handling of missile weapons will be determined.

The sailors of the "Admiral Essen" frigate and the personnel of the "Samum" air-cushion rocket ship, who took the first places in their formations, will compete against each other.

As part of the training, combat crews will perform tasks for speed and accuracy. Rocket launches will be carried out electronically according to the actual algorithm for using rocket weapons.

This stage of training is under the supervision of the Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Vice Admiral Sergei lipilin.

 During the "Sea Cup" competition, ship crews compete for the right to become the best in almost three dozen categories, including "best commander of a tactical group of ships of 3-4 rank", "best commander of a rocket and artillery ship", as well as the best commanders of anti-submarine, minesweeping, landing ships, commanders of combat units, services and ship crews.

In preparation for the competition, the crews of more than 10 ships of the fleet were involved, including the personnel of the frigate "Admiral Makarov", as well as small rocket ships "Vyshny Volochek" and "Ingushetia".

The winners in each category will form a team of the Black Sea Fleet, which will defend the honor of the fleet in the final stage of the competition, held on the basis of the Military training and research center of the Navy "Kuznetsov Naval Academy" .

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