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31.07.2020 (09:05)

Today the participants of the All-Russian competition Elbrus Ring will complete a six-day march around Mount Elbrus

Today in Kabardino-Balkaria on the eleventh day of competition, the participants of the all-Russian competition Elbrus Ring 2020 will complete the three final tasks of the second stage and complete the six-day march around Mount Elbrus.

Participants of the competition will have to complete special tasks "Overcoming the ice area (ascent)" and "Overcoming the ice area (descent)". The obstacle is organized on an ice slope up to 100 m long with an average elevation angle of 60 degrees.

For reference:

The organizer of the competition is the department of physical training and sports of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This competition has been held since 2015, the sixth competition in a row.

Teams from all military districts, the Northern fleet, the airborne troops, the Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School, as well as the National guard of the Russian Federation take part in the competition.

The closing ceremony will take place on August 4.

Press Service of the Southern Military District
Southern Military District , Army Games , Elbrus Ring
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