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24.08.2020 (00:00)

Dynamic displays have begun at the Alabino training ground of the Western Military District as part of the international military-technical forum "ARMY-2020"

Today, dynamic displays of weapons, military and special equipment in service with the Russian army, as well as promising samples of types and branches of troops, will start at the Alabino training ground, within the framework of the international military-technical forum "ARMY-2020".

In the course of the demonstrations will involve two demonstration cluster. Ground cluster-track "Tank biathlon", water cluster-lake Komsomolskoe.

Dynamic impressions are divided by subject and technique:

August 24 – dynamic display of military equipment armored troops;

August 25-dynamic display of modern and advanced air defense systems, weapons of rocket forces and artillery, flamethrower weapons of nuclear, biological and chemical   protection troops;

August 26 – dynamic display of armament and military equipment army air defense;

August 27-dynamic display of military equipment of motorized rifle troops, flamethrower NBCP;

August 28 – dynamic display of armament and military equipment of engineering troops and military vehicles;

August 29 – dynamic display of armament and military equipment of airborne troops.

In total, the dynamic display will involve 276 units of military equipment from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and 17 promising samples provided by enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

During the demonstration of fire capabilities, more than 10 thousand different types of ammunition will be spent.

Dynamic displays start at 15.00.
Directorate of Media service and Information
Western Military District
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