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28.08.2020 (07:22)

Airborne Platoon has started the Patrol Race stage

In the tract "Vashina Gora" of the Pechora district of the Pskov region, the final part of the third stage of the field training competition among the airborne units Airborne Platoon, held within the framework of the Games-20220, has started.

At this stage, paratroopers from 11 countries compete in orienteering by choice in squads (patrol race), without crews. Competitions are held according to the rules of the International Rogaining Federation (IRF) in the rogaining format 3 hours (short distance).

The team consists of 3 divisions of 5 people each. Start - common for races. One section from the team takes part in the race, the interval between the races is 10 minutes. Start and finish are in one place. Maps are issued 10 minutes before the start to plot the route. In 180 minutes, the teams need to find as many control points (CP) marked on the map as possible. Fixation of the passage of CP is carried out by electronic system. It is necessary to be checked for the howl group, the interval between the mark of the first team member and the last one should not exceed 180 seconds.

In total, 11 teams take part in the stage.

This competition is the second substage, which began the day before at the Strugi Krasnye training ground, a pursuit race on combat vehicles, the third stage of the competition.

Объединенный пресс-центр АрМИ-2020
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