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14.01.2021 (05:00)

A unique infrastructure is being created for Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh using modern block-modular structures

The logistics specialists of the Russian Defense Ministry in Nagorno-Karabakh have erected three block-modular camps in Stepanakert, the settlements of Getavan and Karakend, in which about 400 military personnel of the peacekeeping contingent have already been deployed. Currently, the preparation of sites for the construction of five more camps with a total capacity of more than 540 people is underway.

To ensure the organization of service at observation posts, satisfaction of everyday needs, physical training and recreation of personnel of peacekeeping units, comfortable, modern living and living conditions for military personnel have been created.

Block-modular camps are full-fledged autonomous objects, which are equipped with all the necessary components of life support systems (power supply, autonomous heating, bathrooms, water supply, sewerage). Accommodation is equipped with furniture (bed, wardrobe, kitchen set, tables, chairs, shower), as well as household appliances (electric stove, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, TV, air conditioner, boiler). All this allows the military to feel at home.

On the territory of each camps there are a gym with artificial turf, a bathhouse, a medical center, a dryer, a clothing cleaning room, a leisure room, an office, a storage room, a canteen, and a grocery store.

These block-modular camps can be used both in regions with low temperatures and in countries with hot climates.

Block-modular camps were manufactured by specialized industrial enterprises in accordance with the requirements of GOST and technical conditions, meet all established standards and requirements for the residence of military personnel in the immediate place of deployment of troops.

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Peacekeeping operations , Миротворец
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