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04.03.2021 (20:55)

The second qualifying stage for the international competition of signalmen Confident Reception has started in the Moscow region

In the Moscow region, signalmen of the guards tank red banner army of the Western Military District competed for the title of the best crew of the formation within the 2nd stage of the international competition of the Games-2021 Confident Reception.

The competition was held on the basis of the command brigade of the tank formation of the WMD. The servicemen performed practical actions on special mobile radio stations R-166 and digital radio relay stations R-431 AM. During the qualifying stage, the signalmen in the field worked out the laying of wire lines for speed, deployed secure communication channels, received and transmitted large amounts of data over a secure channel in automatic mode.

The competition was attended by more than 250 military personnel and more than 60 units of weapons and military equipment of the guards tank army of the WMD. The best crew will take part in the district stage of the Confident Reception competition, where they will be able to demonstrate their professionalism.

Press Service of the Western Military District
Western Military District
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