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30.09.2020 (12:45) The monument to the Hero of Russia Colonel Ryafagat Khabibullin was opened on the Russian air base Hmeymim in Syria The helicopter crew of Colonel Ryafagat Khabibullin died heroically on July 8, 2016 while performing a combat mission in the province of Homs near Palmyra.
25.09.2020 (18:12) Almost 80 aircraft delivered a massive strike to the "enemy" at the maneuvers "Kavkaz-2020" According to the exercise plan, before a massive air strike, a pair of Su-27 fighters at an altitude of 1,500 meters cleared the air space for front-line, bomber and assault aviation strike groups.
25.09.2020 (17:15) Mi-8 under the cover of Ka-52 delivered to the battlefield armored vehicles "Tiger" Russian President Vladimir Putin is watching the actions of the troops at the training ground.
25.09.2020 (14:20) Pilots of the Southern Military District and the Ministry of Defence of Armenia destroyed a mock enemy column in the mountains as part of the maneuvers 'Kavkaz-2020" In the course of practical actions, the military pilots of the two countries worked out complex elements of flight training – flights at extremely low altitudes with rounding the terrain.
24.09.2020 (14:20) As part of the maneuvers "Kavkaz-2020", the Southern Military District aviation carried out massive air strikes at the training grounds near Yeysk and Budyonnovsk The attack aircraft pilots launched unguided S-8 and S-13 missiles singly and in pairs from a dive.
24.09.2020 (11:00) At the Taganrog airfield, VTA crews were trained for mass landing of airborne units and equipment The pilots studied the flight area, landing area, air routes and the procedure for action in various emergency situations.
24.09.2020 (09:00) Su-25SM3 attack aircraft of the Southern Military District destroyed the airfield of a mock enemy during the maneuvers "Kavkaz-2020" About 10 fighter jets were involved in the combat training mission.
23.09.2020 (13:00) Six Russian Tu-22 long-range bombers carried out bombing at the Ruzhansky range in Belarus After completing the combat training mission, the Russian aircraft returned to their home airfields in the Russian Federation.
21.09.2020 (17:30) The squadron of "Alligators" and "Night Hunters" was deployed to the Astrakhan region as part of the "Kavkaz-2020" Army aviation pilots took off from airfields in the Southern Military District, covering an average of 500 km non-stop.
21.09.2020 (15:30) The ship's strike group of the Black Sea Fleet worked out the tasks of searching for and destroying a submarine during the maneuvers "Kavkaz-2020" The ships searched for the submarine in cooperation with a pair of Be-12 amphibious aircraft and a pair of Ka-27PL anti-submarine helicopters from the naval aviation and air defense of the Black Sea Fleet.
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