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21.02.2020 (10:12) Russian and Belarusian paratroopers worked out the issues of capturing and holding a vantage point in a joint tactical exercise About 500 military personnel and 100 pieces of military equipment took part in the joint tactical exercise of the Russian airborne forces and the SOF of the Republic of Belarus.
20.02.2020 (17:00) Russian Aerospace Forces successfully launches "Soyuz-2" rocket carrier from Plesetsk Cosmodrome The launch of the rocket carrier with the Russian communications spacecraft "Meridian-M" and its maneuvering into the calculated orbit were carried out in normal mode.
31.01.2020 (10:15) Crews of Su-24M short-range bombers begin preparations for Aviadarts 2020 professional contest near Volgograd Pilots practice tasks of air reconnaissance and overcoming the air defence system of a mock enemy, piloting techniques at various heights with the implementation of a complex of aerobatics.
30.01.2020 (09:21) The crews of anti aircraft missile and gun system "Pantsir-S" reflected the highly maneuverable aircraft air strikes of mock enemy in Khabarovsk territory As part of the exercise, combat crews of anti-aircraft missile and gun systems were alerted and marched, accompanied by military police, to a conditional position area, where they organized the protection of important objects and command posts.
23.01.2020 (16:49) The CMD aircraft fleet will be reinforced by six Mig-31BM in 2020. MiG-31BM high-altitude interceptor fighters are designed to intercept and destroy air targets, including cruise and ballistic missiles, at extremely low, medium and high altitudes in simple and difficult weather conditions.
31.12.2019 (11:00) In 2019, the Aerospace Forces (AF) for the first time received the latest anti-aircraft missile system S-350 " Vityaz» In 2020, four regimental sets of the S-400 "Triumph" anti-aircraft missile system and six divisional sets of the "Pantsir-S" complex are planned to be delivered to AF.
03.12.2019 (11:35) Su-25SM3 crews of the Southern MD aviation regiment in the Kuban region attack mock enemy airfields In performing tactical flight tasks, aircraft pilots mastered the methods of covert overcoming the air defense systems at extremely low altitudes.
20.11.2019 (10:00) Flight crews of the 4th air defence and air force army of the Southern Military District will practice air-to-air refuelling The crew of the Su-27 and Su-30SM fighters, as well as Su-34 bombers, will be involved in one of the most difficult elements of flight training.
22.10.2019 (15:53) Two Tu-95MS strategic carriers of the Russian Aerospace Forces make a scheduled flight over neutral waters of the Japanese, Yellow and East China Seas At certain stages of the route, long-range aircraft were accompanied by a pair of F-15, F-16 South Korean and F-2 Japanese air force fighters.
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