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31.12.2019 (11:00) In 2019, the Aerospace Forces (AF) for the first time received the latest anti-aircraft missile system S-350 " Vityaz» In 2020, four regimental sets of the S-400 "Triumph" anti-aircraft missile system and six divisional sets of the "Pantsir-S" complex are planned to be delivered to AF.
03.12.2019 (11:35) Su-25SM3 crews of the Southern MD aviation regiment in the Kuban region attack mock enemy airfields In performing tactical flight tasks, aircraft pilots mastered the methods of covert overcoming the air defense systems at extremely low altitudes.
20.11.2019 (10:00) Flight crews of the 4th air defence and air force army of the Southern Military District will practice air-to-air refuelling The crew of the Su-27 and Su-30SM fighters, as well as Su-34 bombers, will be involved in one of the most difficult elements of flight training.
22.10.2019 (15:53) Two Tu-95MS strategic carriers of the Russian Aerospace Forces make a scheduled flight over neutral waters of the Japanese, Yellow and East China Seas At certain stages of the route, long-range aircraft were accompanied by a pair of F-15, F-16 South Korean and F-2 Japanese air force fighters.
14.10.2019 (19:22) Twenty aircraft and six airfields of the Leningrad air defence and air force take part in the Cooperation-2019 joint exercise During the exercise, the air crews will work out the elements of air combat, landing military equipment, landing tactical airborne assault and covering up their operations from the air using aircraft armament.
13.09.2019 (14:00) Twenty aircraft of air defence and air force army take part in Union Shield 2019 exercise The relocation of the army and operational-tactical aviation of the formation will be carried out from airfields in the Voronezh, Kursk, Smolensk, Pskov and Leningrad regions.
10.09.2019 (12:52) Four Mi-24P attack helicopters enter service of 14th Army of Air Force and Air Defence of Central MD Helicopters are equipped with modern communications systems, sighting and flight equipment.
03.09.2019 (18:36) Dans les oblasts de Leningrad et de Pskov a debute l'exercice tactique de vol avec l'Armee de l'air de la Region militaire Ouest Au cours de l'evenement, les equipages des helicopteres pratiqueront la destruction des unites de l'ennemi conventionnel a l'aide de missiles aeriens non guides de la classe air-surface.
30.08.2019 (12:10) Alligators and Night hunters helicopters provide air support to motorized rifle units of Southern MD during exercise From August 26 to 31, under the command of the Commander of the Southern Military District troops, Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikov, a large-scale bilateral command post exercise with the combined arms armies of the Southern Military District is held.
14.08.2019 (13:12) Military pilots of four countries complete practical part of Aviadarts 2019 competition At the final stage, participants for two days practiced missile launches, firing from aircraft guns, bombing and landing of cargoes for accuracy.
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