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09.05.2020 (04:28) The second column with military personnel and equipment of the combined detachment of the Russian Defence Ministry in Italy went to the airfield for departure to Russia On May 9, it is planned to make two flights and deliver 14 military personnel and 4 units of special military equipment to Russia.
06.05.2020 (00:00) Strizhi aerobatic team marks 29th anniversary The formation of military pilots group who perfectly master the technique of aerobatics for performing demonstration flights on MiG-29 began in a fighter regiment in Kubinka in the mid-80s, when aircraft of this type were only mastered in the Air Force.
17.04.2020 (14:30) Long-range aviation exercise was held in Murmansk region Within the framework of the event, the preparation of aviation equipment, flight and engineering personnel for performing tasks for their intended purpose was checked.
24.03.2020 (01:30) Transport aircrafts of the Russian Aerospace Forces with military specialists and equipment continue to arrive in Italy to assist in the fight against coronavirus After coordination with the Italian side the areas of implementation of preventive and disinfection measures, Russian military specialists will begin to perform tasks for their intended purpose.
17.03.2020 (13:00) CMD fighters MiG-31BM destroyed a mock violator of the state border during an exercise in the Krasnoyarsk territory As part of the exercise, the radar aircraft A-50 detected and identified fighter-class targets using the "Shmel" radio system.
06.03.2020 (10:30) SMD bombers crews during the flight tactical exercises (FTE) destroyed the airfield of the mock enemy near Volgograd The flights took place at altitudes from 200 m to 1,000 m at speeds of up to 1,000 kmph. During the exercises, the crews made 20 sorties, and about 100 launches of unguided missiles and bombs.
26.02.2020 (15:15) The Aerospace Forces received the latest anti-aircraft missile system S-350 "Vityaz" Recently, it was delivered to the anti-aircraft missile training center of the Air and Space Defenсe Academy named after Marshal of the Soviet Union G. K. Zhukov in the Leningrad region to train combat crews for advanced equipment.
25.02.2020 (11:08) Su-24M crews of the Southern Military District destroyed surface targets in the Astrakhan region during the exercise The flight and engineering personnel of the air regiment were involved in the exercise, and more than 50 units of aviation and special equipment were involved.
21.02.2020 (10:12) Russian and Belarusian paratroopers worked out the issues of capturing and holding a vantage point in a joint tactical exercise About 500 military personnel and 100 pieces of military equipment took part in the joint tactical exercise of the Russian airborne forces and the SOF of the Republic of Belarus.
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