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14.12.2018 (05:00) Commander of Long-Range Air Force reported to Commander-in-Chief of Aerospace Forces on the implementation of Tu-160 flights in the Caribbean Sea The flight was carried out over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Norwegian and Caribbean Seas at altitudes of 10,000–11,000m.
10.12.2018 (15:41) Mi-28N helicopters train to intercept small-size low-flying targets in Stavropol region The pilots made a visual search for unidentified targets flying at altitudes below 50 meters at speeds of up to 200 kmph, tracked and forced them to land.
04.12.2018 (13:52) Three modernized MiG-31BM fighter interceptors join air regiment of the Central MD in Prikamye This aircraft is designed for fighting high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, strategic bombers and low-flying air targets, it is capable of simultaneously hitting six air targets and following up to 10 air targets.
29.11.2018 (19:15) Russian helicopters train to cover a motorised rifle convoy in mountains of Tajikistan Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters surveyed the route of a convoy, escorted it at minimum safe speeds, trained anti-ambush actions and cooperated with command post and air controllers.
28.10.2018 (22:46) Defenсe Ministry to receive more than 20 engines for upgraded Tu-160 The Russian Defence Ministry will receive a preproduction batch of NK-32 engines to be manufactured at the enterprise by late 2018.
26.09.2018 (14:30) Su-30SM aircraft to enter air squadron of Western Military District to complete rearmament of fighter regiment Two Su-30SM multi-role fighter jets will be commissioned by a squadron of the Western Military District air regiment stationed in Kursk region
25.09.2018 (16:11) Russian Su-25 assault aircraft force a hijacked plane to land within international drills in Kyrgyzstan According to one of the episodes, a passenger airplane, an An-26 aircraft, was hijacked during its flight. Su-25 scrambled from the airfield, caught up with the hijacked plane and forced it to land on the closest airfield.
18.09.2018 (13:33) Aviaindra 2018 Russian-Indian exercise kicks offin Lipetsk The crews will practise combat use of missiles, bombs and small arms at ground targets, dogfight, tactical airborne assault and shorter runway landing.
12.09.2018 (15:00) Mi-26 helicopters of Army aviation of CMD airlift military equipment to the area of Vostok 2018 maneuvers During one of the stages of practical actions at the Tsugol training ground, the helicopter crew will be involved in ensuring the landing of the airborne assault.
12.09.2018 (12:15) Strategic bombers launch cruise missiles at Vostok 2018 maneuvers Tu-95MS aircraft scrambled from airfields in Far East 2,000km away from the target area.
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