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20.08.2020 (12:29) For the first time, within the framework of the "Army-2020" forum, the combat capabilities of modern domestic air defense systems will be demonstrated The basis of the air defense grouping will consist of modern anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, S-300V4, "Buk-m3", "Tor", "Pantsir-S", and the "Typhoon-air defense" combat vehicle.
17.08.2020 (20:29) Assault aircraft and combat helicopters of the Air Force of the Republic of Belarus arrived at Aviadarts 2020 competition Military transport aircraft also delivered engineering personnel and ground equipment for servicing aircraft.
29.07.2020 (16:47) More than 20 helicopters of the army aviation of the Southern Military District are involved in large-scale tactical exercises in the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia Mi-28N, Ka-52 attack and Mi-35 transport-combat provide escort of mechanized columns of battalion tactical groups on the march, as well as perform fire support tasks.
21.07.2020 (08:05) The crews of Su-24M bombers avoided a mock enemy missile strike near Volgograd During the exercise, the crews conducted reconnaissance in a given square, including at extremely low altitudes with a rounding of the terrain and transmitted data to the control point.
17.07.2020 (01:00) The long-range aviation crews performed practical launches of missiles in the Murmansk region In total, up to 10 Tu-22M3 aircraft, as well as about 20 units of automotive and special equipment, were involved in the flights as part of the exercise.
15.07.2020 (08:24) Military Transport Aviation aircraft Il-76 used to assist in extinguishing wildfires in the Ulyanovsk region On July 15, 2020, the crew of an Il-76 military transport aircraft equipped with an aircraft discharge device made the first flight to extinguish a forest fire in the Mainsky district of the Ulyanovsk region.
10.07.2020 (10:52) The Su-30SM and Su-24M crews of the Black sea fleet's naval aviation performed refueling in the skies over Crimea during the exercise Refueling without landing at the airport significantly increases the flight range, increases the tactical range of the aircraft and the ability to perform tasks.
02.07.2020 (00:03) Servicemen of the Southern Military District have worked out a practical stage of bilateral exercises with landing of troops on combined arms training grounds The crews of UAV’s and scout units were used for terrain reconnaissance and mock enemy’s identification.
30.06.2020 (12:27) The all-Russian stage of the "Aviadarts-2020" competition started in Ryazan The all-Russian stage of the "Aviadarts-2020" competition will be attended by more than 50 crews of operational-tactical, long-range, military transport and army aviation, who have been selected in formations, units of the Aerospace Forces and in military districts.
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