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14.08.2019 (13:12) Military pilots of four countries complete practical part of Aviadarts 2019 competition At the final stage, participants for two days practiced missile launches, firing from aircraft guns, bombing and landing of cargoes for accuracy.
08.08.2019 (12:52) Russian Knights to take part in celebration of anniversary of victory on Khalkhin Gol This was announced by Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Colonel General Alexander Fomin at a meeting with the deputy Head of the Military Department of Mongolia Togochiyn Dulamdorzh.
01.07.2019 (10:04) Swifts team performs brand-new aerobatic show at ARMY 2019 IMTF closing ceremony The audience saw the dissolution in two triples, which then demonstrated synchronized stunts, and at the end of the flight program, the pilots completed the first reverse dissolution of six crews.
29.03.2019 (13:30) Pilots engage over 200 mock aircraft within Ladoga 2019 air drills During the week, the fighter pilots practised of dogfight, as well as combat use of aircraft weapons to engage aerial targets.
25.03.2019 (10:10) A group of specialists from Russia and Belarus to make an observation flight over Poland The event will be held in order to promote greater openness and transparency in the military activities of the states-members of the Treaty on Open Skies.
25.03.2019 (10:10) Joint mission of Slovakia and Poland to make an observation flight over the territories of Russia and Belarus During the flight along the agreed route, Russian specialists on board the observation aircraft will monitor the strict observance of the agreed flight parameters and application of the monitoring equipment stipulated by the Treaty on Open Skies.
25.03.2019 (10:00) Russian inspectors to make an observation flight over the Unites States of America The flight will be carried out within the framework of the international Treaty on Open Skies on March 25 - 30 starting at the Open Skies Treaty airfield of Great Falls.
25.03.2019 (10:00) Russian group to inspect an envisaged area in Sweden During the event, Russian inspectors will visit training areas and grounds, and will be briefed on military activity, formations or units located within the specified area.
28.02.2019 (15:22) Army aviation crews train to engage hostile facilities at test airfield in Leningrad region, Western Military District The Mi-28, Mi-35 attack helicopters and Mi-8AMTSh attack and transport helicopters were involved in the tactical flight exercises.
27.02.2019 (12:00) Su-25 assault aircraft of Air Force and Air Defence Army preapre for Aviadarts contest near Volgograd During the training, they will practise individual and group piloting over the forest and the water surface of the rivers, overwhelming air defence using individual and EW group facilities, as well as launching guided air-to-surface missiles.
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