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The level of participants in the "Aviadarts 2020" competition has increased by 20% compared to last year

The staff of the international competition "Aviadarts-2020" analyzed the performance of teams in comparison with previous competitions.

According to the results of the entire competition, the level of training of flight personnel was increased by 20 % in the assault aviation class, by 12 % in the army aviation class on combat helicopters, and by 11% in the army aviation class on transport and combat helicopters.

At the same time, Russian crews have improved the level of piloting techniques among army aviation crews by 15 %, and the level of visual aerial reconnaissance has been increased by 35 %. Among the air force crews of the Republic of Belarus, the indicators in air navigation improved by 10%, and when performing aerial reconnaissance, the indicators in points increased by 4 times.

It is noted that the Russian and Belarusian teams have almost doubled their combat capabilities for ground targets.

Earlier, during the final stage of the competition "Aviadarts-2020", a competition record was recorded for the points scored for the combat use of aviation weapons. A pair of army aviation crews on Mi-8 transport and combat helicopters from the Novosibirsk region were able to score 253 points – the maximum number for all the years of the "Aviadarts" competition.

According to the results of the first four stages of the competition (aerial reconnaissance, piloting equipment, navigation, search and rescue), the Russian team is leading.

The competition will end on September 5, 2020.

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