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Fighter jets forced to land a plane that violated the state border during the CIS air defence training

As part of the ongoing training with the control bodies and air defence duty officers of the joint air defence system of the CIS member states, the crews of MiG-31 and MiG-29 Su-30SM fighters forced a plane that violated the state border to land.

The crews of Russian Su-30SM fighters from the Kursk airfield, according to radar intelligence, were airlifted to force the hijacked aircraft to land.

The role of the hijacked aircraft was performed by the crew of the An-26 aircraft of the air force and air defense Forces of the Republic of Belarus, which was flying on a training mission.

The crews of Russian Su-30SM fighters visually detected the hijacked aircraft, made contact with it via radio channels and made a conditional interception. After receiving a command from the ground, the fighters took the hijacked aircraft to escort it and forced it to land at the specified airfield.

At the Aerospace Forces Command Center, from which the training was directed, they observed in real time the actions of the crews of the Su-30SM aircraft for forced landing and praised the joint work of the aircraft crews and the level of interaction achieved during the training.

In total, the crews on duty for air defence Su-27, Su-30SM, MiG-31, MiG-29 took to the air to solve problems of forcing to land 17 times.
 After practicing tactical episodes, the aircraft crews continued their combat duty.

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