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Launch vehicle "Angara-A5" is taken for escort by ground-based Aerospace Forces means

The "Angara-A5" vehicle, launched today from the State Testing Cosmodrome of the Russian Ministry of Defence (Plesetsk cosmodrome), at the estimated time (08 hours 53 minutes) was accepted for escort by ground means of the Main Testing Space Center Titov of the Space Troops of the Aerospace Forces.

At 09 hours 04 minutes the Briz-M upper stage detached from the Angara-A5 LV.  At the estimated time, in the radio visibility zone of the ground-based automated control complex of the Space Troops of the Aerospace Forces in the designated areas of the Komi Republic, the Tomsk region and the water area of the Philippine Sea, the separation of the I, II and III stages and the discharge of the head fairing of the Angara-A5 launch vehicle passed.

12 minutes after the launch, the orbital block consisting of the Briz-M upper stage and the non-detachable overall-mass payload mockup separated from the third stage of the Angara-A5 launch vehicle. Further insertion of the orbital block into the target geostationary orbit will be carried out with the help of the Briz-M launcher according to a typical nine-hour three-pulse scheme with four starts of the main engine of the upper stage.

The launch of the Angara-A5 was carried out today, December 14, at 08:50 (Moscow time) by a combat crew of the Space Troops of the Aerospace Forces from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region.

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