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28.07.2020 (10:59) The Airborne Troops team leads after five special missions at the Elbrus Ring 2020 competition in Kabardino-Balkaria At the first stage of the competition, the servicemen showed their skills in individual climbing on artificial terrain, orienteering in mountainous terrain, then the participants again conquered the climbing wall, only this time in bundles.
23.07.2020 (23:00) Military personnel of mountain divisions will compete in shooting as part of groups within the all-army stage of the competition "Elbrus ring" Military personnel have to complete the final task of the first stage: shooting at a range of up to 250 meters.
23.07.2020 (22:30) The airborne troops team has consolidated its leadership following the results of three special tasks of the all-army stage of the "Elbrus ring" competition After completing three special tasks, the airborne team, having scored 2,598 points, is ahead of the nearest pursuer – the team of the Eastern Military District by 421 points.
15.07.2020 (10:57) The sniper pair of the Ulyanovsk guards unit of the airborne forces won the all-army stage of the competition "Sniper Frontier" At the most intense and spectacular stage of the competition "Sniper biathlon", airborne snipers confidently took first place, ahead of representatives of all 16 teams.
12.07.2020 (08:53) Signallers of the airborne troops won a confident victory at the all-Army stage of the competition for field training among signals units "Confident reception" In total, 9 teams representing all types and branches of troops, the Military Academy of Signals and other departments of the Russian Federation took part in the all-army stage of the competition
10.07.2020 (08:05) During the contest "Polar Star" special forces of the airborne forces destroyed the camp of conditional militants In the next stage of the all-army competition, hand-to-hand fights will be held among military personnel according to the rules of army hand-to-hand combat.
09.07.2020 (11:54) The team of the airborne special forces unit from Kubinka near Moscow won the second stage of the all-army competition "Polar Star" According to the results of two stages of the competition, the scouts share the first place with the soldiers of the Ivanovo guards airborne unit.
08.07.2020 (06:00) The crew of the Novorossiysk Mountain Formation of the Airborne Troops won the Airborne Platoon competition in Pskov Three crews from each team had to complete one circle with obstacles and firing line, alternately passing the baton to each other.
07.07.2020 (08:45) The special forces group of the Tula guards large unit of the Airborne troops scored the first place at “Storming a building” stage of the “Polar star” special forces field training competition This stage was special due to the fact that the participants worked out tactical and shooting skills in a built-up area.
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