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21.10.2020 (16:45) The experience of local armed conflicts is being actively implemented in the airborne troops stationed in Buryatia The commander of the 11th separate guards airborne assault brigade, Colonel Denis Shishov, reported this to the Deputy Minister of Defence of Russia, Lieutenant General Yunus-Bek Yevkurov.
21.10.2020 (12:34) A tactical exercise with peacekeeping units of the airborne troops began at the Polivno training ground near Ulyanovsk The servicemen of the Ulyanovsk separate guards airborne assault formation improve the skills of organizing and conducting tactical actions while performing peacekeeping tasks.
19.10.2020 (12:00) Tactical exercise of units of a separate guards airborne unit from Ussuriysk ended at the Baranovsky training ground in the Primorsky Territory As part of the exercise, the paratroopers showed high coordination of actions, decisiveness, confident practical actions, which made it possible to perfectly complete the assigned task.
02.10.2020 (01:00) All units of the airborne troops that participated in the joint exercise "Slavic brotherhood – 2020" arrived at the points of permanent deployment The commanders of the formations received reports on the arrival of units after successfully completing combat training tasks, after which the personnel began unloading equipment from military echelons.
30.09.2020 (01:00) Two airborne battalions from Pskov and Ryazan, who participated in the "Slavic Brotherhood-2020" joint exercise, loaded the equipment and personnel on the echelons and departed to the permanent deployment points The two battalion tactical groups consist of more than 600 military personnel and about 70 units of modern combat and special equipment of the two formations.
29.09.2020 (13:00) A battalion of the Ivanovo airborne regiment arrived at the permanent deployment point after participating in the Belarusian-Russian exercise The personnel were met by representatives of the command of the Ivanovo airborne formation, representatives of local authorities, public organizations, and relatives of the arrived servicemen.
25.09.2020 (17:15) Russian airborne troops and special forces of Pakistan landed from helicopters at the Kapustin Yar training ground The landing of tactical air assault units was carried out by landing, and the personnel of the howitzer artillery battery – by non-parachute methods.
25.09.2020 (15:36) Russian paratroopers who participated in the joint exercise "Slavic brotherhood-2020" are preparing to return from Belarus to Russia The battalion-tactical group of the Ivanovo formation of the airborne troops by Il-76MD VKS aircraft was transferred from Ivanovo to the Brestsky training ground, where it performed a parachute landing.
24.09.2020 (16:00) The personnel of the Novorossiysk mountain formation of the airborne troops in the framework of the maneuvers "Kavkaz–2020" completed the preparation and loading of equipment into aircraft At the moment, all equipment is moored, prepared for landing and loaded into the VTA aircraft that arrived at the loading airfield.
23.09.2020 (15:45) During the active phase of the exercise "Slavic Brotherhood-2020", Russian and Belarusian servicemen practice parachuting the main forces In total, more than 900 military personnel will take part in the exercise from the Russian side, including personnel from the Ivanovo, Tula and Pskov formations of the Airborne troops.
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