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07.09.2020 (09:48) The Airborne Troops presented a unique concert program at the Spasskaya Tower festival At the end of the performance under the march on the theme of Bulat Okudzhava's song "We need one victory", the cadets of the honor guard of the Ryazan Guards Higher Airborne Command School carried the flag of the Airborne Troops with an area of more than 1,200 square meters to Cathedral Square.
01.09.2020 (10:35) Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov, Commander of the Airborne troops, will award the winners of the “Airborne Platoon" contest At the end of the event, the Commander of the airborne troops will meet with the heads of foreign delegations, winners and prize-winners of the prestigious competition.
31.08.2020 (17:59) Having set two records in the relay on combat vehicles, the crews of the Russian team won the final stage of the Airborne Platoon competition 3 crews took part in the relay from each team. The race was held on a set closed route, extending 5 kilometers individually, where each crew of the team passed one circle with a firing line and passed the baton to the next.
28.08.2020 (22:46) Specialists of Airborne troops at the forum "Army-2020" held a round table on the development of landing equipment for "new type" airborne formations The purpose of the round table is to develop a common understanding of the issues of improving existing and creating new landing equipment. Identification of priority areas of development, development of innovative systems for landing personnel and cargo.
28.08.2020 (21:52) Russian paratroopers had no equal in the "patrol race“ at the "Airborne Platoon" competition In the tract “Vashina Gora” Pechorsky district of Pskov region completed the next stage of the competition, in which paratroopers from 11 countries, taking part in the competition, competed in orienteering (patrol race), without crews.
28.08.2020 (09:11) Specialists of the Airborne forces at the "Army-2020" forum held a number of round tables on the development of samples of the military equipment in the interests of the airborne troops The purpose of the round table is to develop a common understanding of the issues of improving existing and creating new models of military vehicles.
28.08.2020 (07:22) Airborne Platoon has started the Patrol Race stage In total, 11 teams take part in the stage.
26.08.2020 (18:09) The Russian team won a confident victory in biathlon as a part of platoons, without crews in the "Airborne Platoon" competition All participants of the ”Airborne biathlon" competed with Russian AK-74M assault rifles, RPKS-74 machine guns and RPG-7D grenade launchers, with the exception of the team of the People's Republic of China, which used weapons of domestic (Chinese) production.
25.08.2020 (19:16) The crews of Russian paratroopers set four competition records at once in the "Airborne Platoon" competition Until today, the best time in the history of the competition was 7 minutes and 04 seconds.
25.08.2020 (05:43) Individual competitions of combat vehicle crews will be held during the second stage of the “Airborne Platoon" competition All teams preparing to start the stage are determined to show high professionalism and excellent results.
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