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11.10.2018 (13:20) Airborne unit to practise different tactics of counter-terrorism exercises in Egypt The Defenders of Friendship 2018 Russian-Egyptian counter-terrorism exercises are to take place in the territory of Egypt on October 13-26.
10.10.2018 (11:21) Russian paratroopers to take part in Interaction 2018 CSTO exercises Russia is represented by a 100-strong special forces detachment from the Ivanovo Airborne Division.
09.10.2018 (15:54) Novorossiysk airborne troops to participate in international exercises in Africa for the first time The Defenders of Friendship 2018 Russian-Egyptian counter-terrorism exercises are to take place on October 13-26 in the Republic of Egypt.
13.09.2018 (08:37) Tactical airborne assault train aeromobile actions at Vostok 2018 drills More than 40 Mi-8AMTSh helicopters, two Mi-26 heavy multipurpose transport helicopters and more than 10 Mi-24 fire support helicopters were engaged to ensure aeromobile actions of the paratroopers.
13.09.2018 (08:01) Tactical airborne assault performed at Tsugol training ground More than 700 paratroopers and 51 BMD-2 airborne assault vehicles of the Russian Airborne Troops parachuted at the training ground within the drills.
13.09.2018 (05:00) Mi-8AMTSh helicopters to land airborne assault at Tsugol training ground More than 40 Mi-8AMTSh helicopters will be involved in landing of airborne assault of the Airborne Troops.
13.08.2018 (18:01) Indian military delegation to visit Russian Airborne Troops Russian paratroopers will show their Indian colleagues traditions of the Airborne Troops in this country, organise a demonstration of armaments that are in service with the brigade and give them a tour round Volgograd.
07.08.2018 (20:20) Russian paratroopers are the best in Airborne Platoon competition in Pskov The relay race includes an obstacle course and shooting ranges where military competed in accuracy and high rate of fire from grenade launchers, macine guns and assault rifles.
07.08.2018 (07:20) Russia wins third stage of Airborne Platoon international contest in Pskov region Russian paratroopers are in the lead after three stages of the competition. Along with Russia, also Belarus and China are also in top positions with a time lag of several seconds.
06.08.2018 (16:20) "Winged infantry" from 10 states compete in combat vehicle pursuit – Airborne Platoon contest After the race, referees will sum up the results of the third stage and the competition in general.
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