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30.07.2019 (09:36) First preparations for Airborne Platoon contest kicks off All participants of the competition have completed the actions of a paratrooper during separation from the aircraft, landing, paratrooper actions in the air, and extinguishing the dome in strong winds.
26.07.2019 (16:27) Pscov meets Airborne Platoon participants “At the moment we met four teams. These are representatives of Venezuela and Iran. For the first time, a team from Sri Lanka arrived. A few hours earlier, paratroopers from Belarus had landed”, said chief of competition staff Lieutenant Colonel Roman Smirnov.
25.07.2019 (20:43) People's Liberation Army of China hardware arrive in Pskov region The Chinese team brought five ZLC-2000 airborne assault vehicles to the competition, as well as vehicles for their technical support and one military SUV.
09.07.2019 (11:47) Paratroopers trains for exercise main phase in Crimea The joint tactical flight exercise of the Airborne Troops and Military Transport Aviation, held from July 8 to July 11, are attended by more than 2,000 paratroopers, 40 aircraft of Military Transport Aviation are involved.
19.06.2019 (07:00) Slavic Brotherhood 2019: Russian and Serbian troops train to parachute and release hostages On June 24-25 over 200 servicemen from Russia, Serbia and Belarus are to parachute within the main phase of the manoeuvres.
18.06.2019 (07:00) Slavic Brotherhood 2019: combined troops train to cross a river A combined battalion formed by Russian, Belarusian and Serbian troops have started river-crossing drills as part of the Slavic Brotherhood 2019 exercise.
17.06.2019 (15:38) Russian airborne instructors to train Serbian paratroopers for Slavic Brotherhood 2019 international exercise When practising elements of a jump on the ground they use equipment and simulators of the field airborne training complex specially delivered from Pskov.
03.06.2019 (11:58) Airborne Troops to represent the latest reconnaissance and control modules at ARMY 2019 International Military and Technical Forum They are located on the basis of the armoured personnel carrier (APC) and are able to take tasks of anti-aircraft fire control at different levels and thereby increase the air defence capability of the Airborne Troopss.
26.05.2019 (19:38) Airborne Troops chose best NBC crew The competition was attended by 72 best servicemen as part of the NBC reconnaissance crews, from all units of the Airborne Troops.
20.05.2019 (17:01) More than 100 paratroopers participate in final stage Safe Environment contest The contest includes the NBC reconnaissance on rough terrain, water crossing, taking soil samples in the contaminated area, active decontamination.
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