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03.06.2019 (11:58) Airborne Troops to represent the latest reconnaissance and control modules at ARMY 2019 International Military and Technical Forum They are located on the basis of the armoured personnel carrier (APC) and are able to take tasks of anti-aircraft fire control at different levels and thereby increase the air defence capability of the Airborne Troopss.
26.05.2019 (19:38) Airborne Troops chose best NBC crew The competition was attended by 72 best servicemen as part of the NBC reconnaissance crews, from all units of the Airborne Troops.
20.05.2019 (17:01) More than 100 paratroopers participate in final stage Safe Environment contest The contest includes the NBC reconnaissance on rough terrain, water crossing, taking soil samples in the contaminated area, active decontamination.
29.04.2019 (13:53) True Friend contest completed in Airborne Troops A team of the Pskov airborne formation won the competition, the special airborne brigade of Airborne Troops from Moscow region took the second place followed by the Ulyanovsk airborne assault brigade.
25.04.2019 (15:01) Participants of Polar Star contest among airborne units enter the final stretch The separate airborne brigade team from Moscow Region leads the top three, followed by the special forces group from Ivanovo and the third place was given to the airborne special forces team from Ussuriysk.
22.04.2019 (20:41) Gunsmith Master completed in Airborne Troops The contest consisted of four stages including the Gun Biathlon, Final Relay Among Repair Units, competition in repairing the D-30A 122-mm howitzer and the ZU-23 23-mm anti-aircraft gun.
19.04.2019 (13:10) Special forces from Ivanovo show best result on second competition day among Polar Star airborne units The participants in groups competed in skydiving with spot landing.
18.04.2019 (09:45) First winners announced in Pskov according to first day results of Polar Star contest The best result among gunners was shown by the military from Ussuriysk airborne formation. Special forces from Moscow region have the higher score in such nominations as Miner Under Cover, Partner, Sniper, and Grenade Launcher
17.04.2019 (16:02) Polar Star 2019: first-ever competiton among airborne special units kicks off in Pskov In 10 days, scouts of the Airborne Troops from Tula, Ivanovo, Ussuriysk and Moscow regions are to demonstrate their professional skills in conditions closely resembling combat ones.
16.04.2019 (11:18) Tank crews from Pskov to represent Airbrone Troops at Tank Biathlon 2019 all-army competition Paratroopers of tanks battalions from Novorossiysk, Pskov and Kamyshin competed in the competition to represent the Airborne Troops.
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