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18.04.2019 (09:45) First winners announced in Pskov according to first day results of Polar Star contest The best result among gunners was shown by the military from Ussuriysk airborne formation. Special forces from Moscow region have the higher score in such nominations as Miner Under Cover, Partner, Sniper, and Grenade Launcher
17.04.2019 (16:02) Polar Star 2019: first-ever competiton among airborne special units kicks off in Pskov In 10 days, scouts of the Airborne Troops from Tula, Ivanovo, Ussuriysk and Moscow regions are to demonstrate their professional skills in conditions closely resembling combat ones.
16.04.2019 (11:18) Tank crews from Pskov to represent Airbrone Troops at Tank Biathlon 2019 all-army competition Paratroopers of tanks battalions from Novorossiysk, Pskov and Kamyshin competed in the competition to represent the Airborne Troops.
15.04.2019 (23:18) Paratroopers compete near Novorossiysk during second stage of Airborne Platoon contest The race track was an area of forested and mountainous dissected terrain over 25 km long.
12.04.2019 (12:09) Airborne Troops complete the first stage of Airborne Platoon contest The leading position in the overall ranking was taken by servicemen of the 7th Guards Airborne Assault Division, the second place – by the team of Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, third - also by the team of the famous Command School.
09.04.2019 (21:36) Over 500 paratroopers parachute and make 10-km forced march within Airborne Platoon 2019 Results shall be calculated in accordance with the time of landing, assembling at the site and covering the sector.
03.04.2019 (13:30) Paratroopers participate in Falcon Hunting competition near Ulyanovsk Falcon Hunting is a contest among the UAV units operating Orlan-10 and Eleron-3 small-range drones by day and at night to spot gunfire and conduct reconnaissance in the assigned area.
28.03.2019 (22:54) Joint peacekeeping exercise closed at the Polivna training ground in Ulyanovsk The exercise was held in accordance with the cooperation plan between the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and the military department of the Republic of Belarus.
26.03.2019 (08:00) Russian and Belarusian paratroopers take up positions before the start of peacekeeping operation as part of exercises The joint airborne exercise of the Russian Federation and the Special Operations Forces of the Belarusian Armed Forces takes place at the airborne assault unit stationed in Ulyanovsk on March 25 - 28.
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