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17.01.2019 (12:42) Airborne Platoon 2019 preliminaries kick off within International Army Games 2019 During the qualifying stage, each platoon will cross over 20 various individual and complex obstacles.
11.01.2019 (12:41) Some 2,000 paratroopers to be involved in international exercises in 2019 In this regard, first of all, it is worth mentioning such exercises as the Interaction, Slavic Brotherhood and Defenders of Friendship, as well as anti-terrorism, peacekeeping exercises with foreign armies.
09.01.2019 (11:50) New anti-tank missile system for Airborne Forces to tested this year Kornet-D1 self-propelled anti-tank missile system, created on the BMD-4M chassis, landed by parachute method, will have unique characteristics in terms of range and shooting accuracy.
21.12.2018 (15:32) Deputy Defence Minister Timur Ivanov inspects construction of military infrastructure in Western MD In particular, Deputy Defence Minister held a working meeting in Pskov on the development of the airborne infrastructure, to which the Russian Ministry of Defence pays great attention.
20.12.2018 (10:00) Air Defence units of the Airborne Troops master the latest military equipment for fighting against high-speed air targets New weapons and military equipment on the basis of BTR-MDM Rakushka in the Air Defence units of the Airborne Troops entered the service in accordance with the state defence order contracts.
26.11.2018 (15:00) Russian delegation of Airborne Troops arrives in Serbia to learn about experience of the Republic's special forces Moreover, the sides will discuss issues concerning strengthening bilateral military cooperation.
21.11.2018 (14:19) Russian airborne delegation arrives in Angola The main aim of the visit is to learn about experience of using special units of the Republic of Angola in assigned missions, and their training programme.
19.11.2018 (16:20) Military delegation from Kazakhstan to learn about multilevel training in Airborne Troops The knowledge gained in the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, the military specialists of the Republic of Kazakhstan plan to introduce into the training system of their military personnel.
23.10.2018 (00:30) Russian and Egyptian paratroopers reconnoiter positions of terrorists at Defenders of Friendship 2018 exercises The Defenders of Friendship 2018 joint Russian-Egyptian tactical exercise is being held in Egypt from 13 to 26 October. The event involves several airfields and over 15 various-purpose helicopters and airplanes, as well as 10 pieces of military vehicles landed by parachute systems, and more than 400 servicemen from both countries.
22.10.2018 (20:34) Some fifty Russian servicemen land near Cairo using Egyptian parachutes In the course of joint combat training, the Egyptian troops also mastered the Russian Ratnik combat equipage, which significantly increases the effectiveness and survival of a paratrooper on the battlefield.
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