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05.04.2015 (13:23) Pskov Airborne formation to be projected on Kola Peninsula The main task will be assigned to the Russian Airborne units and Collective Rapid Reaction Force of the Collective Security Treaty Organization after loading material and personnel to the aircraft.
05.04.2015 (11:34) Airborne Troops Command jointly with representatives of the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force defines the new landing platform “Kupol” in the Arctic The new drift ice landing platform has the minimum number of hummocks, clefts and unfrozen patches of water.
04.04.2015 (15:13) Airborne units to land on ice floes in the Arctic Servicemen will perform landing and then conduct a humanitarian search-and-rescue training expedition to the North Pole.
03.04.2015 (11:07) Airborne troopers of the Ivanovsk and Pskov units are practicing ice-cold water dive In the course of the training, the servicemen are using diving suits made from 8-milimeter thick high-density neoprene.
02.04.2015 (10:55) Paratroopers practice to survive in water environment North of the Arctic Circle in conditions of extreme low temperatures In course of the special training the Russian polar explorers’ expertise gained during the expeditions to the Arctic Region is widely used by the servicemen.
01.04.2015 (21:01) Paratroopers of Pskov Airborne Troop formation preparing for parachute jumping in the conditions of extremely low temperatures The training is conducted prior to the exercises of the Airborne units in the Arctic.
30.03.2015 (09:12) The Airborne Command reconnaissance team is inspecting the condition of drifting ice floes in the Arctic The inspection is being carried out in cooperation with the Expedition Center of the Russian Geographic Society in order to locate possible heavy cargo landing areas.
25.03.2015 (17:06) Pacific Fleet and the Air Force practicing combat interaction In the course of the practice held with the separate air-assault brigade the servicemen for the first time will embark the Pacific Fleet large landing ship and then will land onto the unimproved shore to seize the beachhead.
25.03.2015 (10:00) Artillery skills contest to be held in the Airborne Forces The biggest competitions of the artillery airborne troops will take place in late March at the Luzhsk firing range (Leningrad region) under the supervision of the Airborne Forces Artillery Commander.
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