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25.03.2015 (10:00)

Artillery skills contest to be held in the Airborne Forces

The biggest competitions of the artillery airborne troops will take place in late March at the Luzhsk firing range (Leningrad region) under the supervision of the Airborne Forces Artillery Commander.

For two days the artillery division and squadron commanders and deputy commanders will fire at targets which will imitate the enemy personnel and vehicles at a distance of 7 km.

In order to win the artillery commanders will have to accomplish more than 200 tasks in limited periods of time in conditions closely resembling real combat.

The peculiarity of the competitions lies in the fact that the artillery officers will not only practice the use of the Strelets advanced intelligence, command and control and communications complexes with video observation system, but will also accomplish the tasks in conditions when the complexes come out of action.

The artillery officers will fire at the enemy using howitzers and self-propelled artillery pieces. The artillery units will change position after accomplishing each combat task.

The competitions will involve more than 200 Airborne Forces servicemen.

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