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20.12.2018 (10:00)

Air Defence units of the Airborne Troops master the latest military equipment for fighting against high-speed air targets

Paratroopers of the Air Defence units of the Airborne Forces (the city of Naro-Fominsk) began to master the latest AA missile systems (SAM) and air reconnaissance equipment.

In addition to the mastering the new MANPADS and AA missile systems with increased fire capabilities, range of fire, all-weather workability and possible usage both at day and nighttime, unique guidance system, as well as Verba and Arrow-10MN training complexes, the Air Defence units  of  the Airborne Troops learn to widely use compact low-altitude radar detectors and modern automated reconnaissance equipment.

New weapons and military equipment on the basis of BTR-MDM Rakushka in the Air Defence units of  the Airborne Troops entered the service in accordance with the state defence order contracts.

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