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30.01.2019 (07:34)

Sayan March all-army competition kicks off in foorhills of the Western Sayan

The Sayan March all-army competition has kicked off in foorhills of the Western Sayan. The contest is held within the International Army Games 2019.

After the competition, the referees will calculate penalty points to determine the best highland unit of the Russian Armed Forces which will take part in the international contest.

In three days, paratroopers will compete in special tasks in the mountains in winter conditions.

The military personnel of the Ulyanovsk military unit of the Airborne Troops and the cadets of the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School in the Yergaki Mountain Training and Survival Center (Krasnoyarsk Territory) will compete up to 2 February 2019.

The paratroopers together with the units arrived from different parts of the country, under the control of experienced referees they will demonstrate their skills in orienteering, route planning, in skiing, accuracy in shooting, the ability to carry out reconnaissance of targets, and evacuate a wounded from mountain slopes.

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