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09.04.2019 (21:36)

Over 500 paratroopers parachute and make 10-km forced march within Airborne Platoon 2019

More than 500 paratroopers of the Russian Airborne Troops have parachuted, made a 10km forced march within the Airborne Platoon 2019 competition in Krasnodar region.

The paratroopers airdropped from three Mi-8AMTSh Terminator helicopters by the D-10 parachute systems into an unfamiliar site as part of units. After that they made a 10km forced march.

More than 500 paratroopers with personal arms and load imitating reserve ammunition (approximately additionally up to 8kg) competed in crossing an area sector against the clock.

Results shall be calculated in accordance with the time of landing, assembling at the site and covering the sector.

Following the results, the winners will represent the Airborne Troops at the international competition at the Strugi Krasnye training ground in Pskov region in August.

For reference:

In total, more than 750 troops from the formations and military units of the Airborne Troops, making up 17 teams from Pskov to Ussuriysk, compete with each other during the preliminaries.

Then a pursuit race will take place, in which two crews from the team participate, which showed the best time in the individual race.

On their race route, they cross explosive obstacles, a threadway bridge, a slope and a ford, followed by fire missions at two frontiers.

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