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19.06.2019 (07:00)

Slavic Brotherhood 2019: Russian and Serbian troops train to parachute and release hostages

At the Kovin airfield in the Republic of Serbia, in the framework of the first stage of the Slavic Brotherhood 2019 joint international exercise, the military personnel of the special forces of Russia and Serbia practised covert landing and release of hostages.

According to the plan of the exercise, Russian and Serbian paratroopers, having flown an Il-76 plane, trained to secretly land on the Kovin airfield, where a mock base of the armed group located, in which, according to the concept, the hostages were seized.

“Today, in preparation for the main phase of the exercise, we are working on the most complicated elements of the main phase of the exercise, one of which is the joint landing of special units of the Airborne Troops of Russia and the Special Brigade of the Serbian Army,” Colonel Kenes Kuzhakhmetov, Russian deputy supervisor of the maneuvers, said. 

“We have carried out a practical landing of 30 paratroopers of the Russian Airborne Troops on the Arbalet-2 parachute systems and 30 special servicemen of the Serbian Army on special Serbian parachute systems. The parachuting was carried out at a distance from the object from the Il-76 aircraft from a height of 2,000 meters," the representative of the Russian military delegation said.

On June 24-25 over 200 servicemen from Russia, Serbia and Belarus are to parachute within the main phase of the manoeuvres.

The planned joint Russian-Serbian-Belarusian tactical exercise, conducted in the framework of international military cooperation on June 14-27 is attended by more than 600 troops from three countries. During the practical stage of the exercise, it is planned to airdrop personnel and equipment on parachute systems with blocking and destroying the base of illegal armed formations and river-crossing.

Славянское братство-2019
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