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22.10.2019 (17:14)

Belarus and the Russian airborne troops conducted landing operation of personnel and equipment during the joint exercise of the special forces detachments

Today near Brest within an active phase of the joint Russian-Belarusian exercise of paratroopers of two countries landing of personnel and equipment is carried out. This was reported by the Deputy Head of the exercise on airborne training from the Russian side Colonel Sergei Serpukhov.

He said that the units of the special forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Airborne Troops of Russia landed on a limited landing site with the further task of collecting and advancing to the specified line, blocking the units of the mock enemy in the city for the purpose of its subsequent destruction.

“Immediately before the start of the landing in the area of the dropping to suppress the enemy’s air defense systems, a pair of Yak-130 assault aircraft was deployed. Then, from two Il-76MD aircraft, six units of military equipment were landed: three units of BTR-D, 122-mm howitzer D-30, UAZ-3151 and platform with ammunition.

After that, from three Il-76MD aircraft, the personnel of two countries in the amount of more than 100 people with weapons and equipment were landed. "The landing was conducted in the normal mode, without accidents and emergency situations", - said the Deputy Head of the exercise.

 For reference:

The planned joint Russian-Belarusian tactical exercise, conducted as part of international military cooperation, involves more than 900 military personnel from two countries and about 250 pieces of military equipment.

The Airborne Troops of Russia employ more than 350 servicemen and about 50 pieces of equipment (including the latest airborne assault vehicle BMD-4M and armored personnel carriers BTR-MDM "Rakushka") of the parachute regiment from Ryazan, four aircraft Il-76MD of the Military Transport Aviation of Russia. Armed forces of the Republic of Belarus involve up to 600 servicemen, about 200 pieces of military equipment of the separate assault brigade stationed in Brest and a military transport aircraft Il-76MD.

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