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21.02.2020 (10:12)

Russian and Belarusian paratroopers worked out the issues of capturing and holding a vantage point in a joint tactical exercise

Combined formation of airborne troops of Russia and special operations forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus (SOF), in the third stage of joint tactical exercises in the Pskov region, worked out issues of capture and hold the vantage point for the deployment and entry into battle of the main forces of regiment.

The implementation of the final stage of the exercise unfolded at once in three sections of the Strugi Krasnye ground.

On the Gogol flat country, the personnel of the special operations forces of the Republic of Belarus fired small arms and hand grenade launchers, marking the destruction of the enemy on the occupied borders. 

On the mountain Zelenaya, the main forces of the guards paratrooper regiment performed live fire from the BMD-2. About 30 combat vehicles deployed in battle formations and concentrated fire hit all targets that denote the enemy.

By the time the main forces of the enemy were capturing the vantage point the separate tank company of the separate armored battalion - reserve of the senior commander, expected the command  at the base line. After receiving the command, the tanks went on the offensive and fired a 100-mm gun and a twin machine gun, hitting all targets, they completed the defeat of illegal armed groups.

Today, a closing ceremony of the joint tactical exercise will be held on the territory of the formation.

For reference:

The exercise was attended by more than 400 military personnel, about 100 units of military equipment of the Pskov guards paratrooper unit and about 80 soldiers of the guards paratrooper unit of the SOF of the Republic of Belarus.

In addition, the exercise involved 2 Mi-24 helicopters and 8 Mi-8 AMTSH helicopters of the  of the Western Military District, as well as 4 Il-76MD aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The first joint Russian-Belarusian tactical exercise in 2020 between the Russian airborne troops and the Special Operations Forces of the Republic of Belarus (SOF RB) Armed Forces was conducted from 18 to 21 February at the "Strugi Krasnye" and "Zavelichye" ranges in the Pskov region under the leadership of Pskov guards airborne assault unit commander, Guards Major General Igor Kapliy.

Уверенный прием / Confident reception
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