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06.04.2020 (14:17)

The Tula guards airborne unit completed the qualifying stage of the competition for field training "Safe environment"

The Tula guards airborne unit has completed the qualifying stage of the competition for field training among the crews of nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) recon "Safe environment".

The competition was attended by crews of NBC reconnaissance of military units and formations of airborne troops from Tula, Ryazan and Naro-Fominsk. In total, more than 60 military personnel participated in the competition, and seven units of special equipment were involved.

During the qualifying stage of the competition the individual training of military personnel of NBCP units was conducted, which included overcoming a closed route length of about 3.6 thousand meters and fire-assault course of about 550 m length .

During the relay, the route was equipped with the same obstacles as in the first stage. The first crew searched for three sources of ionizing radiation of a closed type on the UAZ car, carried out special processing and overcame the fire-assault course.         In the course of overcoming the distance, the commander of the first crew passed the relay to the second crew, who overcame all the obstacles in the same sequence as the first crew, but instead of searching for sources of ionizing radiation, conducted chemical reconnaissance of the area, and then finished.

The result of each crew was made up of the total time for completing the route and the penalty time added for mistakes.

The winners and prize-winners of the competition were determined by the decision of the judging committee based on the highest number of points received by the team for all stages.

In a hard fight, the victory was taken by the crews of the NBC recon, representing the NBC protection company of the Tula guards airborne unit.

As a result of the qualifying stage, a team of the unit will be formed, which will perform at the qualifying stage of the Airborne troops.

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