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07.07.2020 (08:45)

The special forces group of the Tula guards large unit of the Airborne troops scored the first place at “Storming a building” stage of the “Polar star” special forces field training competition

The participants of the “Polar star” all-army competition in field training among special forces units of the Airborne troops successfully worked out a very difficult exercise “building assault” on the Rayevsky training range near Novorossiysk.

According to the plot of the exercise, the teams were air landed from a helicopter near a building captured by “mock terrorists” holding civilian hostages. The special forces units were given a daunting task of rescuing the hostages.

To fulfill the task each team was given only 2 grenades per the RPG-7D antitank rocket launcher, 40 rounds per each AKS-74 assault rifle, 10 rounds per the SVDS sniper rifle, 50 rounds per the PKM machine gun, and 16 rounds per each Makarov pistol.

This stage was special due to the fact that the participants worked out tactical and shooting skills in a built-up area.

The first place was scored by the special forces group of the Tula guards large unit of the Airborne troops.

About 100 best scouts from 6 special forces units of the Airborne troops are taking part in the competition.

Уверенный прием / Confident reception
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