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08.07.2020 (06:00)

The crew of the Novorossiysk Mountain Formation of the Airborne Troops won the Airborne Platoon competition in Pskov

At this stage of the field training contest among the paratroopers, the Airborne Platoon, which is being held as part of the Games 2020 in the Pskov Region, the results of the relay race on airborne combat vehicles were summed up.

At the range of the Airborne Troops Strugi Krasnye ended the relay race in military vehicles. This was the penultimate stage of the competition. Three crews of combat vehicles from 12 teams, representing all formations and military units of the Airborne Troops, reached the start, in accordance with the draw.

Three crews from each team had to complete one circle with obstacles and firing line, alternately passing the baton to each other.

According to the results of the competition, with a total result of two crews (taking into account the penalty time) 23 minutes 47 seconds, the team of Novorossiysk Air Assault Mountain Formation won. The second result was shown by paratroopers from Ulyanovsk, who lost to the winners about 1 minute. The third time, with a result of 26 minutes 48 seconds, the owners of the competition - Pskov paratroopers, performing on BMD-4M.

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