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26.08.2020 (18:09)

The Russian team won a confident victory in biathlon as a part of platoons, without crews in the "Airborne Platoon" competition

The competition on field training amongst airborne units of the “Airborne Platoon” (Competition), held within the framework of the international army games-2020, summed up the results of biathlon in platoons with shooting from small arms and grenade launchers, without crews.

The final part of the second stage of the competition was held at the Pskov guards amphibious assault range "Zavelichye", where teams competed in a 10-kilometer march with three firing lines, where they had to make five shots from small arms from various positions (lying down, kneeling and standing), and grenade throwers performed one shot at each of the firing lines. In total, paratroopers from 10 countries took part in the competition.

All participants of the ”Airborne biathlon" competed with Russian AK-74M assault rifles, RPKS-74 machine guns and RPG-7D grenade launchers, with the exception of the team of the People's Republic of China, which used weapons of domestic (Chinese) production.

The first team to start biathlon was the Russian Federation team, which confidently passed the distance with three firing lines, allowing the minimum number of misses, and showed an excellent time.

The teams of Algeria, China, Belarus and other countries that started next could not improve the time shown by the Russian paratroopers.

Commenting on the results of the Competition stage, the Deputy chief judge guard Colonel Vadim Govorov, explained: “the completed stage showed excellent physical and psychological preparation of all participants of the competition, their willpower and thirst for victory. But the team that is currently the best prepared won."

According to the results of the ” Airborne biathlon", the first place was won by the team of the Russian Federation, with a result of 1 hour 05 minutes and 22 seconds. The second result was shown by the paratroopers of the People's Liberation Army of China, who lost 05 seconds to our team. The third place was taken by paratroopers from the Republic of Belarus, with a result of 1 hour 19 minutes 58 seconds.

Tomorrow, the crews of combat vehicles will compete in a pursuit race at the “Strugi Krasnye” training ground.

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