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31.08.2020 (17:59)

Having set two records in the relay on combat vehicles, the crews of the Russian team won the final stage of the Airborne Platoon competition

The final stage of the "Airborne Platoon" competition for field training among paratroopers, held within the framework of the Games-2020, has ended at the "Strugi Krasnye" airborne troops training ground.

3 crews took part in the relay from each team. The race was held on a set closed route, extending 5 kilometers individually, where each crew of the team passed one circle with a firing line and passed the baton to the next.

After taking the start, the combat vehicles alternately overcame the log, the maneuvering area, and the anti-tank ditch. After that, at the firing line, having loaded 12 armor-piercing tracer shells to a 30-mm automatic gun and 18 rounds to a paired machine gun (7 of them tracer), they went to the firing line. In case of a miss, the combat vehicle had to pass one penalty circle, 300 meters long for each unguarded target.

"For the gunner, it was difficult - this is shooting, because there is a crosswind, after each shot the projectile flies to different places, you have to adjust the fire. In addition, special attention was paid to overcoming trampolines, since when overcoming them, the task of the commander and gunner-operator is to stay firmly inside the combat vehicle, and the driver-mechanic is to technically correctly overcome this obstacle, with the least consequences, " said Sergeant Pavel Batuev, commander of the Russian guard team's combat vehicle.

Further on the distance was overcome by a high-speed section, a slope, a ford, a passage in a mine-explosive barrier, a springboard and a track bridge with a further finish.

"Today, our combat vehicle under my control started first, which imposed a great responsibility. But there was no worry, I worked as expected. Immediately broke away from the pursuers from China, so that the gunner-operator shot calmly, no longer feeling that there are rivals behind. And it was no longer a problem to pass the distance cleanly, without a penalty, " Senior Sergeant Yevgeny Yander, a mechanic-driver of the Russian guard team's combat vehicle, shared after the finish.

Skillful control of the crew of the combat vehicle by its commander, excellent shooting of the gunner-operator, as well as the high-speed and clean passage of the route by the driver-mechanic, allowed the crew to set a new competition record in passing the track with a time of 22 minutes 45 seconds. The team consisted of the commander of the combat vehicle guard Sergeant Pavel Batuev, the gunner-operator guard Lance Corporal Ivan Solovyov and the driver-mechanic guard Senior Sergeant Yevgeny Yandera. Thereby this crew surpassed by almost a minute the result set by the crew of the Russian team under the command guard Junior Sergeant Alexander Karavay, set on the same track on 25 August this year as part of an individual race.

At the end of the relay, the best time was shown by the Russian team, which with a result of 22 minutes and 18 seconds, took first place and also set a new competition record, more than a minute and a half exceeding the previous year's result set here by the Russian team. Paratroopers from Belarus are in second place, 4 minutes and 10 seconds behind the Russians. The third team, with a score of 34 minutes 05 seconds, was the team of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria.

Tomorrow, the closing ceremony of the Competition will take place at the "Zavelichye" training ground of the Pskov guards amphibious assault unit.

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