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30.09.2020 (01:00)

Two airborne battalions from Pskov and Ryazan, who participated in the "Slavic Brotherhood-2020" joint exercise, loaded the equipment and personnel on the echelons and departed to the permanent deployment points

Today, at the railway stations "Brest" and "Gozha" in the Republic of Belarus, units of Russian paratroopers of the guards airborne regiment of the Pskov airborne formation and the guards airborne regiment from Ryazan of the Tula airborne formation, who took part in the planned joint Belarusian-Russian tactical exercise "Slavic brotherhood – 2020", after loading military equipment and personnel, departed in military echelons to the points of permanent deployment.

The two battalion tactical groups consist of more than 600 military personnel and about 70 units of modern combat and special equipment of the two formations.

A reinforced airborne assault battalion from Pskov took part in the exercise at the Brestsky training ground, and a reinforced airborne battalion from Ryazan practiced joint actions with Belarusian colleagues at the Gozhsky training ground. The units were transported to the locations of the exercise by rail.

The Russian paratroopers completed all their tasks in full.

In total, during the active phase of the Belarusian-Russian exercise "Slavic brotherhood-2020", which took place from September 14 to 25, 2020, more than 900 military personnel and 100 pieces of equipment of the Pskov, Ivanovo and Tula guards airborne formations took part.

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