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21.10.2020 (12:34)

A tactical exercise with peacekeeping units of the airborne troops began at the Polivno training ground near Ulyanovsk

A battalion tactical exercise with live firing began with the peacekeeping units of the Ulyanovsk separate guards airborne assault formation.

During the event at the Polivno training ground near Ulyanovsk, servicemen are improving their skills in organizing and conducting tactical actions when performing peacekeeping tasks.

The paratroopers practice the organization of service in the face of active opposition to illegal armed formations (IAF), repelling attacks on observation posts and checkpoints, escorting humanitarian supplies, blocking and destroying conditional illegal armed groups and carrying out humanitarian actions in the refugee camp.

In addition, as part of the exercise, the personnel of the peacekeeping units will practice in a combat training task of blocking a mock enemy detachment with the performance of live firing in the zone of responsibility during assault and raid operations using modern BMD-4M airborne combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers BTR- MDM "Rakushka".

More than 500 military personnel and more than 100 units of military equipment were involved in the tactical exercise, including modern BMD-4M airborne combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers BTR-MDM "Rakushka", 82-mm mortars "Podnos", as well as unmanned aerial vehicles "Orlan- 10 ", complexes of electronic warfare (EW)" Infauna "other means of amplification.

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