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26.03.2021 (14:10)

Russian paratroopers and servicemen of the SOF of Belarus blocked and destroyed a mock enemy at a joint exercise near Mogilev

Russian paratroopers and servicemen of the Special Operations Forces of the Republic of Belarus completed the destruction of a mock enemy during the final stage of a joint exercise at the Osipovichsky training ground near Mogilev.

In the course of the drawing of hostilities, the paratroopers of the two countries practiced the retention of the designated defence line, in the area of which they conducted live firing of the consolidated reinforced paratrooper battalion.

According to the plan of the exercise, the reconnaissance unit of the SOFof Belarus, by its actions, forced the convoy of the mock enemy's equipment to change the direction of movement and fall into a prepared fire ambush.

After blowing up a section of the accumulation of armored vehicles by sappers, missile and bomb strikes were made by a pair of Yak-130 combat training aircraft, Mi-8MT helicopters with unguided missile complexes, 220-mm Hurricane multiple launch rocket systems, 120-mm Nona M-1.

At the forefront, the destruction of the enemy was carried out from anti-aircraft cannons ZU-23-2, armament of armored personnel carriers BTR-80, RPG-7D grenade launchers and small arms.

For the final completion of the encirclement and destruction of the mock enemy, more than 100 servicemen of the combined Belarusian-Russian unit were dropped from the Il-76MD military transport aircraft to the designated area, which by their actions completed the blockade of the area.

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