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Aerospace Defence Forces

The Aerospace Defence Forces (Russian abb. VKO) is principally new branch of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, designed and responsible for air and space defence.

The Aerospace Defence Forces has a wide range of functions and the most important among them are the following ones:

  • Providing Command Authorities with highly accurate information on detection of BM launches and prevention of missile attacks;
  • Destruction of the BM warheads of the conditional enemy in case of crucial governmental facilities being attacked;
  • Defence of the Major Command control stations and governmental facilities, armed formations, the most important industrial and economic centres and other installations against enemy’s joint air- and space-based strike weapons (Russian abb. SVKN) in the zone of probable damage;
  • Monitoring space objects and identification of potential threats to the Russian Federation in space and from space, prevention of attacks as needed.
  • Carrying out spacecraft launches and placing into orbit, controlling satellite systems, including Integrated ones (intended to be used for both military and civilian purposes) in flight, and using separate ones towards providing the Russian Federation Armed Forces with the necessary information;
  • Maintaining both military and integrated satellite systems with launching installations and assets of control in the workable order, and a number of other tasks.

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