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25.03.2019 (13:00) Commander-in-Chief of Land Forces General of the Army Oleg Salyukov meets his Cambodian counterpart Lieutenant General Hun Manet They discussed issues concerning bilateral military cooperation, training of Cambodian officers in Russian military schools, as well as the participation of Cambodian soldiers in the International Army Games 2019.
19.03.2019 (15:43) First two stages of Tank Biathlon an Suvorov Attack finishes at Alabino training ground in WMD For the first time, as part of the preliminaries, the crews of the IFV-2 and T-72-B3 from the formations of the Western Military District practiced tasks at night.
19.03.2019 (12:52) Signal troops of SMD's combined arms formation participates in contest Specialists practice more than 25 standards, including the deployment of radio relay stations, masts, mast devices, energizing communication devices from autonomous power units, protective grounding equipment, and also organizing the transfer of digital information to the same type stations.
18.03.2019 (09:56) Confident Reception preliminaries finish in Eastern MD The servicemen practiced tasks aimed at raising the level of professional training, improving the coordination of subunits and checking the combat capabilities of modern and prospective communications technology in conditions as close as possible to real ones.
14.03.2019 (10:00) In the town of Lak Sao, the latest Russian demining means handed over to engineering specialists of the People’s Army of Laos The Lao side received a wide range of mine detectors, which are based on various physical principles of explosive ordnance detection.
12.03.2019 (12:00) Russian military delegation headed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces General of the Army Oleg Salyukov arrives in Delhi There will be talks with Indian colleagues on bilateral cooperation in various fields, and the Indra exercise in India in 2019.
02.03.2019 (19:12) Latest RKhM-8 chemical reconnaissance vehicle to be exhibited at Army 2019 IMTF During the forum, the troops of the NBC protection will demonstrate more than 70 samples of military equipment.
28.02.2019 (18:26) First preliminaries of the Masters of Artillery Fire 2019 completed It involved 550 mortar crews from military districts, Airborne Troops, and Northern Fleet. A total of 38 training grounds were engaged in the competitions.
22.02.2019 (13:06) Russia's Chief of General Staff noted professionalism and high sense of duty and honor of graduates of the Kazan Tank School General of the Army Valery Gerasimov congratulated the legendary military school on the 100th Anniversary, and presented the school with the order of Zhukov.
14.02.2019 (17:04) Safe Route and Engineering Formula qualifying competitions underway in the Southern Military District Six teams participate in the competition. They operate the TMM-3 heavy mechanized bridges, IGM-2 engineering vehicles, and PTS-2 amphibious tracked vehicles.
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