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18.03.2021 (18:15) The second stage of the competitions Tank Biathlon and Suvorov Attack started in the combined arms formation of the Central Military District As part of the competition, the crews shoot at targets from the weapons of T-72B3M tanks and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles at maximum ranges.
18.03.2021 (16:30) Participants of the district stage of the ski mountaineering competition Sayan March-2021 made a 50-kilometer march in the Western Sayan mountains The servicemen worked out tasks on finding the victim in an avalanche, moving on skis in bundles, shooting as part of a squad, descending on a fixed rope, lifting the victim up the slope, as well as climbing up the slope in cats using fixed judge railings
17.03.2021 (22:00) Russian Defence Forces will take part in the international military-technical forum Army-2021 Representatives of the troops will take part in the scientific and business program, in the static exhibition and demonstration program of weapons and military special equipment of the troops.
17.03.2021 (12:28) Russian and Belarusian servicemen practiced maneuver defence during a joint exercise in the Nizhny Novgorod region In the abandoned area, the soldiers prepared false positions to mislead the mock enemy.
15.03.2021 (22:30) Russian specialists of the International Mine Clearance Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation trained 30 sappers for the Lao national army This is the third time that similar training courses for sappers have been held in Laos, starting in 2018. During this time, 69 servicemen of the Lao engineering forces have been trained.
15.03.2021 (16:45) More than 600 military signalmen of the WMD compete in the qualifying stage of the Games-2021 Confident Reception competition Military personnel demonstrate their skills in meeting the standards for special training, deploying equipment, performing marches and fire training.
12.03.2021 (20:40) Engineering troops will present an extensive scientific and business program at the IMTF Army-2021 An exposition of the engineering troops on the theme Engineering exploration of water barriers in various climatic conditions is planned in the indoor pavilion of the Patriot park.
12.03.2021 (17:45) The military police of the Central Military District at a special exercise repulsed the attack of the mock enemy on the convoy with humanitarian aid They also practiced the issues of ensuring road safety and law and order during the deployment of troops and the procedure for access control to military facilities.
12.03.2021 (11:45) Mortar servicemen of the Western Military District practice the tactics of conducting high-speed shooting during exercise in the Leningrad region In addition, during the exercise, servicemen improved their skills in deploying mortars from a traveling position to a combat position, changing firing positions and a number of other combat training missions.
12.03.2021 (09:45) District stages of all-army competitions of military engineers Safe Route and Engineering Formula will be held near Rostov-on-Don About 200 servicemen in four teams will take part in the Safe Route, six teams will be involved in the Engineering Formula competition.
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