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20.07.2020 (12:05) A large-scale tactical exercise has begun at the Tsugol EMD training ground As part of the exercise, the military personnel will perform live firing with high-precision artillery ammunition "Krasnopol" and will counteract the "enemy" drones.
16.07.2020 (09:45) Tactical exercise kicks off in the missile formation of the Southern Military District in North Ossetia The planned combat event involved about 100 pieces of equipment, including the Iskander-M tactical missile system.
15.07.2020 (18:04) The second stage of the all-army competition for the best NBC reconnaissance crew Safe Environment was held in the Yaroslavl Region Fire training stage was carried out in a specially equipped area of the military shooting range, designed for practical shooting exercise.
12.07.2020 (11:59) The results of scientific activities of organizations of engineering troops will be demonstrated at the forum "ARMY-2020" The VI international military-technical forum "ARMY-2020" will be held in August 2020 at the "Patriot" convention and exhibition center (Kubinka, Moscow region), the Alabino training ground and Kubinka airfield.
12.07.2020 (08:46) Engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will take an active part in the preparation and conduct of the "ARMY-2020" IMTF The forum will demonstrate a whole range of existing and promising engineering intelligence tools.
08.07.2020 (11:30) Clear Sky contest openning ceremony at Azov Sea Competitions among units of Igla portable anti-aircraft missile systems on armored personnel carriers APC-82A will be held at the Yeisk training ground in the Krasnodar Territory from July 5 to 11.
06.07.2020 (20:00) The "Safe Environment" all-army stage of the contest will be held In the Yaroslavl region On the first day of competition the teams will enter the "Individual race" stage of competition.
06.07.2020 (11:50) The tankers of the Central military district destroyed the mock enemy’s armored vehicles in the Orenburg region More than 600 servicemen and about 50 combat and special vehicles were employed in the exercise.
03.07.2020 (09:15) The grand opening of the district stage of the competition for field training of signal units "Confident reception-2020" was held in North Ossetia For the first time, crews of signal workshops that have recently been received by the district's signals department are taking part in the competition.
02.07.2020 (18:10) The all-army stage of the "Tank biathlon" competition of the Army International games 2020 has officially started in the Moscow region The Taman motorized rifle division crew of the guards tank Red Banner WMD army will represent the Western military District at the all-army stage of the competition "Tank biathlon".
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