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13.06.2019 (17:56) Commander of Russian Land Forces meets his Chinese counterpart to discuss plans for cooperation Today in Moscow, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Land Forces General of the Army Oleg Salyukov met with the commander of the People's Liberation Army Ground Force, General Han Weiguo.
18.04.2019 (16:45) Bilateral battalion tactical exercise completed in Taman motorised rifle division The main objective of the event was to improve officers' command skills, as well as to refine interaction between motorized rifle, artillery and tank units.
14.04.2019 (04:00) District stage of Sniper Frontier 2019 contest finishes in Khabarovsk Krai During the contest snipers performed a range of the fire missions such as the cold bore shot.
05.04.2019 (17:21) Prudboy range to host the closing ceremony of the district stage of Tank biathlon, Suvorov Attack and Sniper Frontier The results will be summed up during the closing ceremony of the army competitions and the best units will be awarded medals and valuable prizes.
29.03.2019 (10:45) Chemical units of 58th Army of the Southern Military District complete field training in Stavropol region Particular attention was attached to operation of chemical vehicles - TOS-1A Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower systems, RKhM-6 chemical reconnaissance vehicles on the basis of the BTR-80, ARS-14KM new-generation mobile spray station.
28.03.2019 (16:17) Southern MD's artillery units practices live-fire drills in Dagestan mountains Particular attention during the shooting was paid to the work of navigation equipment and means of conducting reconnaissance in the mountainous terrain.
28.03.2019 (14:52) WMD's tank army servicemen bit record in scout's path overcoming In total, nine reconnaissance groups of ten people each took part in the preparation for the final checks for the winter training period.
27.03.2019 (13:48) Special Forces of Western Military District train to seize and eliminate facilities of mock enemy in Tambov region Particular attention shall be attached to the organization of sabotage behind the enemy's lines, search and engage commando groups. In addition, they will also practise elements of fighting against mobile groups, as well as protection and defence of crucial objects.
26.03.2019 (15:13) New stages of Open Water 2019 to make the contest more spectacular In addition to the previous stages, there will be also actions by the pontoon-bridge fleet assembling ferries and transporting weapons and military hardware, as well as replacing interior bay of the platoon ferry on the water barrier.
25.03.2019 (13:00) Commander-in-Chief of Land Forces General of the Army Oleg Salyukov meets his Cambodian counterpart Lieutenant General Hun Manet They discussed issues concerning bilateral military cooperation, training of Cambodian officers in Russian military schools, as well as the participation of Cambodian soldiers in the International Army Games 2019.
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