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11.02.2015 (09:20) The Soutern MD mechanised infantry becomes familiar with a new EW system The EW units of the Southern MD motorized infantry brigade located in Volgograd have received an advanced EW system “Borisoglebsk-2”.
10.02.2015 (09:15) The “Iskander-M” crews of the Eastern MD have started training practice The training activities will culminate with the tactical exercise at one of the firing ranges in the Amur River Region including operational missile launch.
05.02.2015 (13:20) Officers of the Russian military base have started training apprentices for the army of Tajikistan Today the theory classes have come to an end and tomorrow drivers and pointers of tanks and infantry combat vehicles will start practicing their vehicle operating skills.
04.02.2015 (08:02) Units located in Buratya practice reconnaissance tactics. The Eastern MD units located in Buryatia practice reconnaissance tactics within the field training.
04.02.2015 (07:01) Artillery batteries commanders’ contest started in the Eastern MD. The first stage of the artillery batteries commanders’ contest started in the Eastern MD. Artillery officers compete in firing and fire-control, tactic, technical, special, reconnaissance and PE training standards execution.
03.02.2015 (13:44) For the first time the international contest “Experts of tactical reconnaissance” has taken place in the Land Force Russian and foreign servicemen under the age of 45 without any restrictions for medical reasons and who has achieved high professional results can take part in the contest.
02.02.2015 (18:01) Large-scale field trainings of the NBC protection units have started in the Southern MD The field trainings take place on seven firing ranges of the MD. During the training activities the servicemen the newest and upgraded armament and military equipment received by the troops of NBC protection of the Southern MD.
02.02.2015 (10:15) Officer personnel of the Chief Command of the Land Force took part in a mass ski race On the 31st of January ski races at 5, 3 and 1 km were organized for the servicemen of the Chief Command of the Land Force and members of their families within the mass sporting events in the Izmaylovskiy park of Moscow.
02.02.2015 (06:30) The Transbaikal conscripts finished intensive general military course More than 4 thousand servicemen, conscripted in autumn 2014 and finished intensive general military course, will perform practical tasks within units and crews.
01.02.2015 (18:00) The only Russian Peacekeeping motorized infantry brigade celebrates it's 10th anniversary Commander of 2nd Guards Army Major General Igor Seritsky warmly greeted brigade’s personnel, veterans and their family members and addressed to them with a congratulational speech.
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