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09.04.2015 (06:53) Combined-arms army Command, formations and units of the Eastern MD were put on alert Within the inspection after the winter training period, the units have arrived at specialized firing ranges where they will practice usage of standard armament and military equipment.
08.04.2015 (22:55) The Western MD troops receive new highly up-graded T-72B3 Thanks to new ballistic computer, modernized stabilizer and auto target tracker the fire efficiency when moveless and moving has significantly increased.
08.04.2015 (07:20) Eastern MD combined-arms army being inspected The inspection after the winter training period headed by the Eastern MD combined-arms army commander Lieutenant-General Sergei Solomatin started in the organic formations and units located in the Jewish Autonomous Region, Amur Region and Khabarovsk Krai.
07.04.2015 (18:00) Southern MD sappers started demining agricultural land in Chechnya and Ingushetia Overall terrain clearance of explosive objects is conducted in Itum-Kalinsky and Achkhoy-Martanovsky districts of the Chechen Republic as well as in the Sunzhensky district of the Republic of Ingushetia.
07.04.2015 (12:41) Central MD sappers secured hydrotechnical constructions against ice drift at the river Sim in Chelyabinsk Engineering unit after completing a march from the Republic of Bashkortostan, performed 40 demolitions having spent 1.2 tons of TNT that allowed to liquidate a jam at the most dangerous river reach more than 1 kilometer in length.
07.04.2015 (10:13) Southern MD sappers extracted more than 40 explosive objects and about 100 ammunition fragments at the Mamayev Kurgan Among dangerous findings, there are 50 mm and 82 mm mortar shells, hand grenades and artillery shell fuses back from the Great Patriotic War.
07.04.2015 (06:47) Eastern MD formation in Zabaykalie undergoes an inspection The commission will check all the aspects of the servicemen’s activities from combat training to organization of food and laundry services.
04.04.2015 (06:30) Snipers of the combined-arms formation located in Buryatia started to perform test firings The snipers will have to meet qualification standards during medical, engineer and survey training.
03.04.2015 (22:21) Army Air Defence troops are getting familiar with the unique S-300V4 air defence missile weapon system The speed of the missile fired by the S-300V4 air defence missile weapon system is five times greater than the speed of sound. At a distance of no more than 400 kilometers, it is capable of shooting down not just airplanes, but also medium-range missiles.
02.04.2015 (20:15) The regional stage of the Western Military District tank and motorized infantry competition to take place in Leningrad Region 12 tank crews, 12 BMP-2 crews and more than 200 servicemen will take part in the “Tank Biathlon” and “Suvorov’s Onslaught” competitions which will take place on April 6-10
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