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27.03.2020 (19:45) NBC protection specialists of the Central Military District from Altai marched to the Kemerovo region in the framework of checking their readiness to fight infectious diseases At the Yurginsky training ground, military personnel will deploy special treatment points for personnel and equipment, NBC protection recon posts, and carry out measures to disinfect conditionally infected objects and areas of terrain.
24.03.2020 (13:11) International Mine Action Centre unit transfers a humanitarian demining site to Laos The Russian engineers began demining in Laos in October 2019. Military engineers cleared the area near the city of Phon Sawan of Sienghuang province from American cluster bombs and anti-personnel mines.
17.03.2020 (15:30) The army stage of the field training competition "Falconry" has started in the Central Military District The best crews of unmanned aerial vehicles "Orlan-10" and "Zastava", "Tachyon" and "Aileron" will fight for the right to present their formation at the district stage.
17.03.2020 (14:00) Crews from Primorye and Buryatia compete in the district stage of the "Tank bi-athlon" Tankers fired at targets imitating a tank, helicopter, BMP and a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher located at a distance of 600 to 1800 meters.
17.03.2020 (09:45) The scouts of the Vislinsky motorized rifle division of the WMD approached the world record for passing the "Scout Trail" in Belgorod region. A scout group of 10 soldiers overcame the 500-meter-long "Scout Trail", which included more than 20 obstacles for endurance, special training, and teamwork.
06.03.2020 (16:16) The best tankers of the WMD were determined in the Leningrad region. The winners of the district stage will represent the Western Military District at the all-army "Tank Biathlon" competitions and will have a chance to join the Russian Armed Forces team to participate in the Army International Games.
26.02.2020 (18:15) CMD gunners destroyed fortified areas of the mock enemy in the exercise in the Volga region Crews of "Grad" multiple launch rocket systems, "Hosta" self-propelled guns, and "Sani" mortar systems carried out firing from closed firing positions, having worked out rapid and concentrated fire.
26.02.2020 (12:15) Combined arms units of the WMD took part in a large-scale exercise in the Voronezh region Motorized rifle unit organized maneuver defence and lured the "enemy" into the so-called "pocket", after which they destroyed highly mobile groups of mock terrorists with heavy fire from the "Tornado-G" rocket flamethrower and the "Shmel" rocket flamethrowers.
26.02.2020 (10:15) SMD flamethrowers will perform firing from the TOS-1A "Solntsepek" at the Prudboy range in the Volgograd region Military personnel will work out deployment in battle order and occupation of firing positions, their engineering equipment and camouflage, preparation for opening fire, reconnaissance of targets and fire control.
18.02.2020 (08:40) The competitions of scouts passed in the Primorye EMD combined arms formation Having overcome the "Scout trail" at the combined arms range, the best was the reconnaissance department of the motorized rifle unit stationed at the "Sergeyevsky" garrison in Primorye.
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