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08.10.2019 (18:04) Russian military engineers discuss bilateral cooperation with Indian counterpart Indian military delegation led by Brigade General Vinay Gupta, head of the military engineering support department of the headquarters of the Land Forces visited International Mine Action Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
01.10.2019 (05:00) Today, the Russian Armed Forces mark the Day of the Land Forces This memorable date is established by the decree of the Russian Federation dated may 31, 2006.
30.09.2019 (11:44) Eastern MD special forces exploring international methods of fighting international terrorism Training is held in preparation for participating in the anti-terrorism exercise of ASEAN countries and their partners.
30.09.2019 (11:31) Antiaircraft units make electronic launches of Tor-M2U systems in Moscow region The servicemen consolidated in practice the acquired knowledge and skills in detecting, tracking various air targets, fire control and firing at assigned targets.
13.09.2019 (14:00) Twenty aircraft of air defence and air force army take part in Union Shield 2019 exercise The relocation of the army and operational-tactical aviation of the formation will be carried out from airfields in the Voronezh, Kursk, Smolensk, Pskov and Leningrad regions.
13.09.2019 (09:30) Special forces of Southern MD to practise rapelling at Friendship 2019 exercises More than 100 servicemen of the special-purpose company of the 49th combined arms army of the Southern Military District deployed in Stavropol were involved in the training.
25.07.2019 (16:33) Russian servicemen arrive in India to participate in Army Scout Masters contest The team of the Armed Forces of Russia consists of cadets of the Novosibirsk Higher Command School.
24.07.2019 (07:49) Chinese tank crew arrives in Moscow region To participate in the competition, the Chinese team brought 4 tanks, as well as ammunition for tanks standard weapon and material and technical equipment for their maintenance.
23.07.2019 (15:27) Falcon Hunting final trainings finish in Moscow region The servicemen improve skills of preparing the Aleron-3 complexes for practicing the flight task, starting from the moment of their deployment and launch of the unmanned aerial vehicle.
09.07.2019 (18:19) SMD's servicemen win all-army stage of Open Water contest During the competition, the teams used such military engineering equipment as the SNL-8 boat, BAT-2 tracklayer, PTS-2 amphibious tracked vehicle, PMM-2 ferry-bridge and PP-2005M the newest pontoon park.
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