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14.02.2019 (17:04) Safe Route and Engineering Formula qualifying competitions underway in the Southern Military District Six teams participate in the competition. They operate the TMM-3 heavy mechanized bridges, IGM-2 engineering vehicles, and PTS-2 amphibious tracked vehicles.
29.01.2019 (05:02) Lao sappers receive certificate of the International Mine Action Center Russian specialists have already trained 20 Lao servicemen at the branch of the International Mine Action Center.
25.01.2019 (11:43) Motorized rifle servicemen from Karachay-Cherkessia to represent the Southern Military District at the Sayan March 2019 ski mountaineering cup Competitions will be held from January 30 to February 1 at the base of the Center of Military Sports Training in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
23.01.2019 (13:40) Russian Defence Ministry briefs military attaches with presentation of 9M729 missile of Iskander-M complex Informing about its structure and tactical and technical characteristics, the head of the missile forces and artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Mikhail Matveyevsky stressed that this product does not in any way violate the provisions of the INF Treaty.
15.01.2019 (11:36) More than 1,000 pits to be prepared by military engineers in the Bureya dam The preparatory work will be followed by explosions to remover the block.
08.01.2019 (16:00) Ratnik 3rd generation to be integrated with robotic systems and unmanned aerial vehicles Units equipped with 3rd generation combat equipment will have independence, autonomy and self-sufficiency to perform various combat tasks, including integration into reconnaissance and fire complexes.
05.01.2019 (05:00) Ground Forces to receive S-300V4, BUK-M3 and TOR-M2 anti-aircraft systems The systematic and annual build-up of the combat potential of the troops, the implementation of complete re-equipment of modern anti-aircraft missile systems will make it possible to increase combat capabilities of the air defence forces by more than 1.3 times by 2020.
03.01.2019 (12:49) Over 1,850 pieces of automobile and special equipment to be supplied to Russian Land Forces in 2019 Signal troops will receive over 60 modern R-441LM and R-444NL satellite communication stations.
02.01.2019 (11:00) Land Forces to conduct seven exercises with foreign colleagues Units of the Land Forces will have to demonstrate their skills in Egypt, India, Mongolia and Tajikistan.
01.01.2019 (15:04) Missile units of Russian Land Forces to be rearmed with Iskander-M systems in 2019 Nowadays, the Iskander-M is the best missile system in its class, which is able to overwhelm any missile defence.
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