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03.01.2019 (12:49)

Over 1,850 pieces of automobile and special equipment to be supplied to Russian Land Forces in 2019

In 2019,  more than 1,850 automobile vehicles are to be supplied to Land Forces of the Russian Armed Forces. Enterprises of defence industry complex will provide modern automobile vehicles for the Russian Defence Ministry. These samples have already proved their efficient operation in various climatic zones.

Troops will receive Typhoon-K and Typhoon-U armoured vehicles. Besides, the RKhM-8 and RKhM-8 chemical reconnaissance vehicles are to be supplied to the Land Forces. Intelligence units will be reinforced by Tigr-M armored vehicles with the Arbalet-DM combat module with remote control, Aistenok portable radar and Fara-VR. Signal troops will receive over 60 modern R-441LM and R-444NL satellite communication stations.

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