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05.01.2019 (05:00)

Ground Forces to receive S-300V4, BUK-M3 and TOR-M2 anti-aircraft systems

In 2019 the army air defence units of the Land Forces are going to receive five anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes. As part of state defence order the enterprises will supply a brigade set of S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile system, and battalion sets of BUK-M3 and TOR-M2 anti-aircraft air defence systems.

The S-300V4 is a modern highly mobile anti-aircraft system  with a large anti-missile potential. It is intended for defence of military-state objects and groups from ballistic strikes and aerodynamic means of air attack.

The BUK-M3 anti-aircraft missile system is a highly mobile multifunctional complex. It is designed to defeat aircraft of all types in all ranges of their practical use, firing radio-contrast ground targets and defeat surface targets under conditions of intense resistance, both fire and electronic warfare.

The TOR-M2 anti-aircraft missile system is an all-weather tactical anti-aircraft missile system, the main purpose of which is to solve the tasks of air defense of troops and objects at the divisional level. It is able to organize air defence for ground units in the areas of their concentration, during the hostilities and on the march, to defend communications centers and command posts, bridges, airfields, radio equipment, etc. from airplanes, helicopters, radio-controlled missiles, adjustable and planning aerial bombs, UAVs and other elements of modern precision weapons.

The systematic and annual build-up of the combat potential of the troops, the implementation of complete re-equipment of modern anti-aircraft missile systems will make it possible to increase combat capabilities of the air defence forces by more than 1.3 times by 2020.

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