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30.09.2019 (11:31)

Antiaircraft units make electronic launches of Tor-M2U systems in Moscow region

Antiaircraft units of the tank army of the Western Military District carried out electronic launches from Tor-M2U anti-aircraft missile systems at the Golovenki training ground in the Moscow Region.

The servicemen consolidated in practice the acquired knowledge and skills in detecting, tracking various air targets, fire control and firing at assigned targets.

Tor-M2U antiaircraft units march as part of a mechanized column to the designated area. On the route, the military personnel practiced actions to repel an air strike during air raids of a mock enemy, and also overcome mock infected areas.

In the designated area, the combat crews of the air defence systems practiced the procedure for deploying complexes from the march at unprepared positions.

In total, about 200 serviemen and more than 30 pieces of weapons and military equipment were involved in the exercises.

Western Military District
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