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01.10.2019 (05:00)

Today, the Russian Armed Forces mark the Day of the Land Forces

Today, the Russian Armed Forces mark the Day of the Land Forces. The Land Forces are turning 469 this year

This memorable date is established by the decree of the Russian Federation dated may 31, 2006.

Land Forces are designed to cover the land part of the state border, repel aggression of the adversary, retain positions, and defeat invading forces jointly with other armed services of the Russian Armed Forces.

In the current year more than 2,500 new basic models of the All-Russia Air Force enter the formations and military units of the Land Forces, which will make it possible to bring the share of the provision of ground forces with modern models up to 60%. Tank and motorized rifle units are equipped with modern T-72B3M and T-90M tanks, modernized infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2, BMP-3, armored personnel carriers BTR-82A. Land Forces air defence units are equipped with anti-aircraft missile systems that occupy leading positions in the world - these are the S 300B4, Buk M3, Tor M2, as well as the Verba modern portable anti-aircraft missile systems.

Tornado S multiple launch rocket systems with increased characteristics in range, firing accuracy and an expanded range of high-power missiles are entering formations.

The artillery units of the combined arms units receive the Tornado G multiple launch rocket systems and the Msta SM self-propelled howitzers with automatic targeting capability; in anti-tank units Chrysanthema SP anti-tank missile systems, with a unique ability to penetrate the armor protection of all modern tanks.

Reconnaissance units are equipped with complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles, Strelets reconnassance, control and communications systems, Typhoon K protected vehicles.

Signal units are re-equipped with modern communications equipment of the tactical command link.

According to the Tsentr 2019 maneuvers, there is a high coherence of the command and control units of motorised rifle and tank units in organization and management of subordinate military units during the maneuvers.

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