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30.01.2020 (12:25)

NBCP units of the Russian military base in Armenia are preparing for the "Safe environment" competition Army Games-2020

Military personnel of the NBCP unit of the Russian military base in Armenia started preparing for the qualifying stage of the International army games-2020 "Safe environment" competition at the Kamkhud high-altitude training ground.

The personnel of the NBC protection units fulfills the standards for tactical and special, fire training and driving with obstacles on modern NBC reconnaissance vehicles RHM-6.

In places of conditional use by the enemy of chemical weapons and radiation contamination of the area, soldiers take samples of soil, vegetation and water for detection of sources of radioactive rays and classification of types of toxic substances.

According to the terms of the competition, military personnel will be equipped with collective and individual protection equipment, evacuate the "victim" from the burning military vehicle, and provide first aid for suffocation with toxic substances, burns and injuries.

More than 100 military personnel were involved in theoretical and practical training for the "Safe environment" competition, and about 30 units of military special equipment were involved.

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops , Southern Military District
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