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17.03.2020 (09:45)

The scouts of the Vislinsky motorized rifle division of the WMD approached the world record for passing the "Scout Trail" in Belgorod region.

Scout teams of the combined arms army units from Western Military District demonstrated their skills at the second qualifying stage of the competition of the International Army Games "Army Scout Masters 2020", which took place on the territory of the Vislinsky division in the Belgorod region.

          With the best result of 47 minutes and 41 seconds, the victory was won by the scouts of the Vislinsky motorized rifle division, who reduced the gap from the record for the speed of overcoming the "Scout Trail" at the international competition in 2019.

          The scout's group of 10 contestants had to overcome the 500-meter-long "Scout Trail", which included more than 20 obstacles for endurance, special training, and teamwork.

          A specially created obstacle course includes movement through underground passages in conditions of heavy smoke, passes as part of recon groups along steep walls using pipes and rope, passing rope and tubular ladders, a line with barbed wire, conducting a diversion to disable the enemy's communication line at a 6-meter height, as well as carrying a conditionally injured member of the group in an awkward position through a 3-meter moat. During the whole exercise the scouts were accompanied with the sounds of machine gun shots and mortar fire of the mock "enemy", contact with anti-personnel mines and booby-traps.

          While driving along the trail the scouts had to mine a section of the railway using imitation means: IM-82 ("Shiras-M"), sapper wire SPP-2 and demolition machine PM-4 (KPM-1A). The scouts were equipped with AK-74M Kalashnikov assault rifles, Kalashnikov light machine guns (RPK), Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD), and RPG-7B hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher.

          The total weight of each scout's equipment, including weapons and ammunition, was more than 15 kilograms.

          In total from more than a thousand willing candidates were formed 10 recon groups, of which only 50 recon servicemen from the units of the combined arms army of the Western Military District reached the final.

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